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Charlie (our counter surfer) just swallowed a whole chicken leg and thigh bone together. He might have broken it up a little bit, I just don't know. He ran in the kitchen after we went out and grabbed it off the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. His reaction to my spouse trying to get it out of is mouth was to swallow it (or whatever part of it was in his mouth at the time). Anybody know what his chances of passing it are. Any home remedies for this type of thing? Any and all input appreciated!

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I'm assuming it was cooked ("off the dirty dishes"). Raw would have been better! If it went down with no problem, just keep an eye on him - straining to poop, etc. He'll likely be fine, in spite of alllll the horror stories about cooked bones.



Oh! I missed that, I'm sorry. Yes, just watch carefully.

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One time at a trial, we had a sheep cut herself in the pen. We were eating lunch at the time and got up to take care of the ewe. Twist took advantage of our inattention to steal Debbie's fried chicken from her plate. I worried about her, but she had no issues. Although I wouldn't deliberately feed cooked chicken bones (I know someone who does, and none of his dogs have ever come t oharm from it), I don't think a dog snatching some is necessarily a medical emergency. As others have said, just keep an eye on him for a few days. And Twist? She got the nickname "Chicken Bone." ;)



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My daughters old Pach dog was a counter surfer. Heck he'd surf anything he could.

We had a new years eve turkey dinner with some friends. After dinner we went out to have a bonfire. I scooted the carcass as far back on the counter as I could and thought we'd be safe.

Came in and I thought my company had done the dishes and cleaned up all the leftovers.

Nope, Pach had eaten the whole turkey carcass. not a tiny sliver left anywhere. Things were so clean that it took me a while to realize he did the dirty deed.


He was fine. But like everyone suggested, I watched him poo for days.


Here's hoping Charlie will be fine too. Pach used to do the same thing as Charlie, if you tried to take something out of his mouth he'd swallow whatever he had in it whole.


Gotta love em!

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