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Pictures of my two BC's

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I adopted Zipp from a rescue group just over two months ago. Had him at a local park three weeks ago playing with the tennis ball. A photographer was there which I was not aware of. She caught him four feet off the ground catching a tennis ball in the air. Next thing I knew a friend was telling me she saw his pictures on the park's web site. He will also go as high in the air as he needs to to catch a frisbee also. Everytime he will bring the ball or frisbee back to me and drop it at my feet. He was evidently already trained to do that. Nothing excites him more than a good round of frisbee or tennis ball. He is showing a strong herding drive too.


The only thing I can figure out, is that he was lost from his original master during some of the bad grass fires we had earlier in the year. About the only thing I have found he shies away from is smoke. Not afraid of thunderstorms or anything else that I can find. No really bad habits evident. Loves people.




Love the shot of the red getting into the ball. Thanks for sharing

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