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  1. Donald, For Agility Trials the only game in my state is AKC agility, no one does USDAA around here anymore. So to compete I will have to get him a PAL/IDL number. As far as herding trials, ABHA is pretty much the only game around here, which I have been told requires some type of Breed Registry tracking number to enter. USBCHA trials are few and very far between here. I don't travel much anymore due to physical limitations courtesy of the US Army, so traveling 200 miles or more to the closest USBCHA trial is probably not going to happen. Because of the same limitations I do not have livestock, but I do have a location fairly close where I can go to work sheep a couple of times a week.
  2. AKC agility unfortunately is the only game in town, so I will have to get him a PAL number. AHBA requires some type of registration number to track the dog's performance in trials. .
  3. Thanks all for the replies. I believe I will name him "Tye" but would prefer to use the Gaelic spelling. Does anyone know what is the Gaelic spelling for Tye is? I've looked on the Web but come up empty. A suggestion was made that when I go to register him for Agility and Herding, I should use "Tye One On" as his registered Name.
  4. As I said earlier Zipp and I have both met him on neutral ground. He is fast, but I don't think as fast as Zipp. He has prick ears and very light amber eyes coupled with his dark red coat. His foster mom has had him for about a month, so I am not sure he knows his name or not. I've considered Cap, Roy, Rope, Finn, and a few others but they don't seem to fit him.
  5. Put in an application on a R/W 1 YO Male. After the initial screening call, it looks like I will be approved for him. The application screener for the rescue said barring something entirely unforeseen I would be approved for him. I have met the dog, and he is more or less a blank slate. Gets along well with other dogs, but lacks manners in dealing with people and knows only a couple of basic commands. I first saw him when his foster brought him to see if he had any herding ability, and he was a little over the top, but that can be dealt with. The initial plan is plenty of obedience classes before he is even considered for herding or agility. Trouble is I am so far unable to come up with a name for him if I get him. His current name given him by his foster is Toby, which is not a bad name, but is far to close to the name of my male I lost a couple of years ago, Cody. I've looked through the name list on the BC Museum, but nothing there seemed to fit. My current dog is named Zipp and I need something short but different from either Cody or Zipp so I don't get confused when giving him commands. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I have a red dog. Something I have noticed is that heat and humidity seem to have more of an effect on his coat than the sun has. His coat only starts to fade when the heat gets over 100 degrees and the humidity drops like a rock. For Oklahoma that seems to be from late July to early Sept. His coat is fine the rest of the year.
  7. Thanks all for the advice and information. I'll have a talk with my instructor and see what we can come up with. If I could figure out how to post some pictures I would to show what I am talking about, but I must have some kind of mental block I just can't figure out how to do it. Again Thanks
  8. His official height measurement is 20.5" and he is a little over 5 YO now. He turns in some very fast run times when we do everything right. I've had his hips checked and he got a clean bill of health from the vet. The only thing the vet could find was some very mild indications of arthritis in his knees and the vet said don't worry about that.
  9. I don't think this is a problem, but I am curious about this. I had Zipp at a trial earlier in the month and a professional photographer was there. Now Zipp rarely knocks bars, but I was almost flabbergasted when I saw photos of him clearing a bar by a good 6-8 inches and that is with him normally jumping 20" in one venue and 24" in another. There is one photo that I swear his belly is higher off the ground than the upright for the jump is tall. Other than possibly this costing time, is there anything to be worried about with him jumping so high? I guess my concern here is with injuries.
  10. My current BC has never met a stranger as long as there is nothing moving fast around him to kick in his herding drive. He ignores people if there is another dog, squirrel, sheep, Frisbee, etc. in the area. He has developed this little trick around people. He walks up to people wagging his tail so hard you wonder how he walks a straight line. Then when he gets to them the first thing he does is sit and stare up at them. Them he accepts petting as if it is his due. Then if the person is not careful they will get slimed by what I think is the fastest tongue in the state. I've had him over 4 years now and he has never met a person he did not like. At home he will meet me at the door for a quick pet, but the first thing he wants to do after that is go outside. He does not get on furniture, even though I don't care if he does. So he does not really cuddle at home. He will come up to me and stare if he wants out. Overall he has a very nice off-switch in the house.
  11. I live in Oklahoma and we are starting to get into the heat of the summer; and it gets hot here, normally 30-40 days of over 100 degrees. While I understand that conditioning makes a huge difference in how BC's handle heat, I have to wonder if the traditional B/W dogs are at a disadvantage here vs the lighter colored dogs. Have there been any studies done to see if coat color makes a difference in how well the dog handles heat, all other things being equal? I ask this, because my deceased B/W male did not handle the heat well, yet my current R/W male does. With any type of outdoor activity I had to cool down my B/W male regularly with water, yet my current R/W male just keeps going and going, heat does not seem to phase him. I am in the process of trying to find another BC to adopt and do not want another dog that does not do well in the heat. I don't want to be one of those people who pick out a dog because of coat color, but I do have concerns about handling heat in the summer.
  12. We got the puppies into a local rescue here in Tulsa on Sunday evening. I made a donation to the rescue that should keep them fed for a couple of months and help with their vetting. As much as it tempted me, I could not keep them. My R/W male has no patience with puppies, they get one warning and then a very harsh correction.
  13. When I have a really bad distaste for the Human Race. I got home from Agility Class this afternoon around 5 PM to discover someone had dumped two female Husky or Shepard mix puppies (2-3 months old) in my neighborhood. No collars or anything else on them. No one claims them and no one came looking for them. The puppies were playing in the street when I found them, and were about half starved to boot with insect bites all over them. They weren't feral, as they came right up to me when I called them. My neighbors and I rounded up a crate, some food, and some flea and tick shampoo for them. Bathed them, fed and watered them, and then put them into the crate for the night. Another neighbor thinks she knows a rescue that can take them tomorrow hopefully. If not I may be able to find a rescue for them Monday. If they go to our local animal control they will be dead to two weeks probably. And it's a shame really, these are two pretty well behaved puppies for their age, both ate right out of my hand and never bit me once. Both are white with gray streaks in their coats and from the size of their feet will probably be large dogs. There are times it is extremely hard not to hate the human race.
  14. The fiberglass stock sticks are not stout enough for what I need, I have already broken one last time I fell. I have nerve damage in my rt leg and it just gives out at unexpected times. I need something heavy enough to use as a brace when that happens, yet light enough to carry around and sort stock as needed. I have googled fiberglass stock canes and nothing came up but the stock sticks in the first 6-7 pages of results I checked. Tractor Supply is not an option yet, as the only store I know about locally is still being built.
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