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Isla died just 11 days ago. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made but in my heart I know it was the right decision and that she deserved that from me. It was tragic and beautiful.


She was a once in a lifetime dog.


We worked in the bush together.

We attended the church of agility together.

We trained other dogs together.

We went to Europe twice together.

We rode in cars, power boats, canoes, helicopters, float planes, and trucks together.

We walked together.

We camped together.

We hiked together.

We swam together.

We laughed together.

We cried together.

We ate together.

We moved cities together.

We changed jobs together.

We visited the elderly together.

We dumped boyfriends together.

We got married together.

We cared for our baby together.


When she died, we were together.


Almost anything I have done in the last 14 years she was with me. Right beside me.


There is a void in my life that used to be filled with the softest fur. She was a huge presence. She made me be a better person.


I loved her greatly.

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I am sorry to hear this.


The best thing I ever heard about helping a dog when the time has come is that, "You did it because you loved him/her that much." (Thanks to Debbie Crowder for putting it into words)

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I am so sorry to hear that you lost Isla. You wrote a beautiful tribute to her and your love for her was evident. They are always in our hearts. Isla and you shared a wonderful bond that will never be forgotten. Run free, Isla.

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Thank you everyone for your kind words.


I am very happy with Isla's life and, even at peace with her death. But I do miss her. We have been talking a lot about how she was when she was younger. She just never wanted to stop. She was a beautiful old dog but I do think Border Collies, of all dogs, age gracefully - they still really want you to tell them what to do and then they do it, then there is a brief look of 'don't tell me what to do because I'll do it and it hurts' then 'tell me what to do". Whereas some other breeds will just lie there happily wagging their tails. I think it is a 'dogs mind' chapter 13 on aging that talks about the set neuropathways of an old dog. It was really interesting to see it in reality.


Our 5 year old dog has changed over the last week - he stays closer, comes into our sons room during story time, even lets our son hug him.


As my husband said it is the end of an era. Not yet though - there were four of us who got Border Collies around the same time (within 3 years - 5 dogs altogether) - Isla's sister is the last one living.


Thanks again everyone. It really is wonderful to get such kind and warm support from all of you. I too wish you happiness in life and in memory with your respective dogs.

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  • 11 months later...

Well it has been two years. When Isla died I was happy for the life she had. I still am, but I miss her. It becomes more apparent to me as time goes by that she was an incredibly special dog. In the meantime we did get another dog and it hasn't work, after a 3 week trial she is going back to the breeder, ironically today. It didn't work with us, our other dog, or our son. So we are going to give it another year and get a puppy.



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