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Herding lessons in the San Diego area??


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Are any of you taking your border collie for sheepdog training in the San Diego area? I'm wondering about opportunities for exposing my border collie Daisy to herding instruction and would love to hear about your experiences. Any input you can provide would be appreciated.


I don't have it in mind to compete or anything like that, but I think it could be a really fun activity for us. I got the chance to see two days of the Soldier Hollow Classic this year -- simply amazing and awesome. Seeing those dogs work explained a lot about Daisy's brains and personality. I don't have any illusions it would be easy, but I'd like to see if her drive to herd the cat, small children, and occasionally me could find its true outlet in an activity we could share on a regular basis.



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Well, thanks, Charlie! I, too, am in the San Diego area (north county), and have a training facility. I was at Soldier Hollow, but doing setout (with Charlie!), not competing. Web address: www.stockdogranch.com Website hasn't been updated in a looong time, though,




PS Charlie is absolutely right in his "famous last words" comment...

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Anna's my trainer! Hi, Anna! [waves] Welcome to the Boards!


Here's Anna with her super little pup Tikkle, moving sheep in a corral at their place in Valley Center:




And here's my girl Lulu during a summer training session at Anna's:




I'm taking Twig and Lu down to Anna's this weekend --- would like to start trialing them both in a few months, maybe. Anna has her work cut out for her ohwell.gifohwell.gifohwell.gif [Luisa runs off to the farm to get in a bit of stockwork before the weekend]


Edited to add a brag on Anna and Rid: This summer Anna's dog Riddle won the Laramie County (sheep) & Cattle Trial in Cheyenne, was third at the big Morrill Cattle Dog Shoot Out in Nebraska, and finished second in the WSDA Cattle Dog Series Finals at the State Fair in Douglas, Wyoming.

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