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Danny's come a long way!

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I just have to brag a little about my Danny. For those who didn't read on the Coffee Break thread, he went through our little earthquake like a champ! Of course, with the way the Flanagan luck runs, the quake hit while Danny was on the xray table. I was in the back room with the staff because of Danny's fear issues...we thought we might have to sedate him, but thank goodness we didn't have to. While the vet and two staff members were working with him, he almost fell asleep from all the petting he was getting. All of a sudden he started thrashing around and fighting to get up. I'd say about 10 seconds later the earthquake hit. Everything shook, things were falling and the floor was rolling. As soon as it stopped, Danny relaxed again. I was totally freaked out, both by the earthquake and by the knowledge that Danny KNEW! Anyhow, Danny did wonderful!! When they were done, he actually went up to the vet and leaned up against his leg. (This is the vet who tried so hard to help Lacee). Danny has come so far in a year (Sept 4th). He also seems happier now and not missing Lacee as much. He spends A LOT of time by my side and we are working on getting him to walk out front. Who knows how long it will take, but who cares. I have all the time in the world.


Here's a picture I took from my cell phone of Danny while we were waiting at the Vet's office. He doesn't look content or anything, does he? :P





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So wonderful to hear how Danny is doing so fantastic! I also bet Angel Lacee is giving a hint to Danny, lol! on which vet to lean against as the trustworthy pillar of strength, lol! Eluane always does this when she gets scared or feels lonely, she leans real hard on my leg....


Glad to see brave Danny Boy is doing terrific :D

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