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Goes lame with a lot of work

D Strickland

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Hi all ... I'm at a loss.


I have a dog that works great at any trial big or small. She does great at home with minimal daily training or work. Everything works well and she's happy and healthy.


If we set-out stock all day for a trial or if we work sheep for a couple hours sorting or loading she goes lame on her back left. This happens after she takes a break for a few minutes and, I guess, let's her muscles tighten. If I get her back up to work more or just to walk, she will walk around on 3 legs for a few minutes but then is back to normal. She gets back to normal even faster if we go back to work.


X-rays show perfect hips and bone structure ... her muscle tone is great... and she is not over or under weight. This is also not a problem with her foot or pad. My vet keeps wanting me to give her Rymadil and other muscle relaxants but can't treat the root cause.


Any ideas ????



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Agree with the previous posts. It sounds like there may be a joint (ligament/tendon) or soft-tissue problem that is not healing and so flares up again when "overworked".


I have not had success with my general vet correctly diagnosing or treating such issues. I recommend, if possible, to find an ortho vet - best if they also have ability to do chiro or acupuncture. I also feel that often the general vets may - may - use treatments that are too invasive (i.e. surgery) whereas my ortho/rehab vet uses surgery as a last option and will try to heal with rest &/or specific exercises &/or chiro &/or swimming &/or laser (whatever is appropriate).



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