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  1. ... and again we're off topic again. This topic was about how to keep the ACK out of the picture for registering. Between Eileen's contract and the NB on the ABCA papers I will be able to accomplish that. If anyone wants to discuss something else you will have to send me an email. I am going out of town and will have my Blackberry so I can receive/send emails but I won't be getting on this list. Thanks for all your help
  2. I put that on there so that people don't think that I'm a breeder. Like I said .... I never wanted to breed, I wish I could've found a dog I liked so I didn't have to breed, and breeding is a pain in the a** not only for all the work it entails but also because of all the people that believe I have to answer to them or some higher power. If this litter works out like I hope I may repeat the breeding in 3 years or so .... but I really hope not.
  3. As I told you before ... I never wanted to breed - been saying that for over 20 years - but did plan to breed this one dog, one time. I knew it would be a pain in the a** and that I would take a lot of flack from the "elitist" USBCHA dog handlers because her pedigree wasn't right and I had not gone to Nationals with her and blah and blah .... I flip-flopped a lot because of her AKC pedigree but after being told by non-AKC people and USBCHA people that don't compete in AKC that I should breed her .. I decided to. I wanted a dog for myself and now I have it. I bought dogs from top handlers and wasn't impressed so I bred my own dog. Will I ever breed again .. probably not ... Will I ever run in USBCHA Nationals ... probably not - not enough time or money .... Will I have good working dogs .... HELL YA ... For me it's about how a dog works ... not a title, not winning a class at some trial, and surely not a pedigree. I love the way she works and love the way Dollar works ... so I tried it... Only time will tell if I made the right decision.
  4. I too will use it ... along with NB on the ABCA papers... I'll be twice as protected. Thanks,
  5. Thanks for replying Julie ... and NO .. I'm not going to drown my litter. This is just another reason why I didn't want to breed, and have never bred in the past. Going to feed and work dogs...
  6. Eileen ... this all started with my question about how to keep AKC from registering pups ... it has snowballed since .... Going back to lurking and replying every once in a while when work will allow - work is slow now so I have more time for this .... This tread has run it's course ...
  7. LOL ... I bug my wife all the time about that Rick Springfield song where he says "Moot" and I argue that it should be Mute !!!! LOL
  8. I really do appreciate you bringing this up to my attention. I will make the change tonight after I get home.
  9. No offence but both parents have the potential to be great dogs so I would like to keep the pups in working homes and not with AKC. However, from what I'm reading on these posts I should probably just drown the whole litter because the dam is AKC and the sire comes from an AKC person. So I'm trying to do the right thing but I'm being told that there is no way .... I guess I'm stuck !!! HHHUUMMM ... now what ?????? I'm open to suggestions ...
  10. I am not trying to deceive anyone - I was just stating that I've tried it all and came back to USBCHA trials - but if that's what you are thinking ... you're probably not the only one so I'll change the terminology to keep the peace.
  11. I have just moved to Open and before ran in Open Ranch .. which is the whole course without the shed.. I never claimed to be a Big Hat or that I won an Open class trial. That claim is really mute since no USBCHA handler will ever look at my dogs or pups because there are ACK dogs and breeders in there. So really I am selling this litter to small farm and ranch homes .. and pet homes.
  12. I committed to a sheepdog demo in Ponca City on the weekend of Roy's trial - not sure if I can make Larry's because my work schedule is not out for May yet. I sure would like to. Bree should be back up to trial shape by then .. I hope. My Dollar dog might be ready by then.
  13. Hi Deb, You and yours have a place to train here in Collinsville. Sheep and goats only .. sorry .. no cattle. I'm also sure that Tom and Ruth Hines would love to have you over to work cattle - they are good people - but you may want to ask them .... and not take my word for it !!! LOL We have a playday coming up on Feb 12th at Tom and Ruth's.
  14. ...LOL ... I may be crazy but not suicidal !!!! LOL I trial alongside these people - some are my friends ...
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