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High up in the courts of Heaven today

A little dog-angel waits.

With the other dogs she will not play,

She just sits alone at the Gates.


”For I know my Mistress will come”, says she,

”And when she comes, she will call for me.”


She sees the spirits that pass her by

As they hasten towards the throne,

And she watches them with a wistful eye

As she sits at the gate alone;


"But I know if I just wait patiently

That someday my Mistress will come," says she.


And her Mistress far down on the earth below,

As she sits in her easy chair

Forgets sometimes, and she whistles low

For the dog that is not there;


And the little dog-angel cocks her ears

And dreams that her Mistress' call she hears.


And I know when at length her Mistress waits

Outside in the dark and cold

For the hand of Death to open the gates

That lead to the Courts of Gold,


The little dog-angel's eager bark

Will comfort her soul while she's still in the dark.


~ Adapted from a poem by Norah M. Holland, 1870


Via con Dios, Meg.

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