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    Thanks for the big ones: 3rd National Nursery Finals 5th National Open Finals 1st Edgeworth 1st Meeker 2nd Bluegrass and for all the little ones too numerous to mention... but mostly thank you for partnership and devotion. that'll do Meg.....good job. Melinda
  2. Some how my computer won't give me scores??? even when I refresh???? any ideas??
  3. We all know where we were tomorrow 5 years ago. Some of us have the border collies in our life to thank for the comfort we needed that day. I'll share my story with the list and maybe others want to as well. Traveling thousands of miles cross country on a trek to the finals I was experiencing the west with my dogs, Meg n Charm n suzie, for the first time. No TV, very little radio and infrequent cell service kept me in a wonderland. Somewhere in Utah, on my way to Idaho I stopped for lunch and a bike ride to exercise my gals. A call to my KY connection, Gina, brought me back to reality. Will the economy collapse before I get home? War? No fuel? Which way do I turn? West or East? A quick call to the couple I was going to visit... a couple I had met only two days before at Meeker..and I headed west. I found at their home all the comfort, support and assurance that you would expect from your closest friend or family. This from someone I had just met!! Border Collie people. Memories were made there and on from there. I am forever grateful to them for the support they gave me for without them I would have turned back .....
  4. Another congrats for job well done...and I don't just mean the trial results mentioned above. Your continued efforts and increased successes prove your improved understanding of "what makes the bordercollie tick"! Keep up the good work.
  5. Way late on this post but my diagnosis would have been selinium deficency ...wonder what came of the post mortem??? melinda
  6. Thank you for sharing your day with us all. and may God bless you and yours.m.
  7. Please don't overlook "The Farmers' Dog" , John Holmes. This book spends a great deal of time explaining how and why the Border Collie thinks. This info will carry thru your training from trianing the pet BC to the top of the line trial dog.
  8. Visit Jeanne and you won't be disappointed. How far you drive to get correct information will not be a factor when you get home and put it to practice.
  9. Hey Guys!! How bout a big big congrats to the USA rep. Tom and Pearl!! Wow wow wow. Sometimes the most wonderful things happen with out anyone noticing. That seems to be Toms style. congrats to a wonderful fellow handler that makes is all proud to be known as his country men. megs handler
  10. Belle, you introduced me to Robin, a wonderful gal that became a great pal to me. I know you love her and know she loves you, so, Belle.... whatever to day brings know that a lot of us handlers have great respect for you and all you have done in your life. Melinda and her dog from the begining Pat.
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