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Intro (long time lurker!) - hi from Kingston, ON

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Hi there,


I registered with this board quite awhile ago but I haven't posted yet. I'm now home recovering from emergency gallbladder surgery on Dec 28th (hospitalized x 5 days due to complications), so I have a fair bit of time on my hands and thought I'd finally post!


I live in the Kingston, Ontario area ... actually, I'm a new owner of 38 acres north of Kingston which I'm ecstatic about. I intend to improve the fencing next year and acquire some sheep, and also bring my horse home (he's currently stabled elsewhere).


I've had BC's since 1993 when I got my first from an Alberta breeder. BK was a smooth-coated tricolor and he lived until he was almost 15-1/2 yrs old. He was my #1 dog. We did a lot together including some novice-level herding and other dog sports (a bit of agility, lots of flyball, and we traveled a lot together). I sadly lost him in October 2008. Here is a picture of him when he was younger:



I got my 2nd border collie in 1995 from Peter Gonnet (Broderick, SK). Brodyn is now closing in on 15 yrs old (next month!) and is doing quite well. He is very doddery and has a head tilt since last year as well as hypothyroidism for 2-3 years, but he keeps on truckin'. Here is a picture of him taken in early December 2009:



I decided that I wanted to get another pup last summer so was fortunate enough to acquire a young b/w male from excellent herding lines. He and I have "something special goin' on" and I have high hopes for him. Here is a picture or two (his name is Brexton & he's just over 6 months old now):



With my younger BC pup & one of my two great danes:



I then got a 2nd BC pup in the late fall, with good herding lines and agility dogs in his background. He is a b/w rough-coat and is now 3-1/2 mo old (his name is Berewic):



This is a cute picture of Brexton & Berewic sitting at my feet ... Brexton glanced over to see if the lil pup was about to run off just as I snapped the photo!



I'm looking forward to improving my acreage and getting sheep here at home to help me in the training process. It won't be until mid-2010 that I'll be able to do that, but that's ok. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the puppyhood stage with both of the young dogs. For the record, they have been EXCEPTIONALLY good since I've been laid up ... I couldn't ask for better temperaments especially when they're still pups.


That's all for now. I look forward to getting better acquainted with others on the board!

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Welcome to the boards. You're in a great area with lots of very good USBCHA activity; Hope to see you at least as a spectator at Grass Creek this year.


check out the www.ontariobordercollieclub.com for local activities




Thanks, Cynthia.


I was at the Kingston Sheepdog Trial this past summer, actually. I went with Brodyn who, despite a bit of failing vision, watched *every* run with the same focus he had as a younger dog. It was very cute to watch. Here's a picture of him watching ...





(He was drying off because he had just tried dock dogs a bit earlier & he enjoyed it!!)


I made some connections at that trial, and those connections eventually led me to acquiring Brexton. :rolleyes: It was a fun trial. Who knows, maybe in YEARS to come I'll be in it (yikes!!).


I am very much a novice but I'm keen so we'll see where it all leads.

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What a nice bunch of dogs. The pups are adorable and the handsome seniors obviously well loved and cared for. Welcome and hope to hear more from you. :rolleyes:


Thank you! I'll always be a BC enthusiast. But in 2006 I also became interested in great danes and rescued my first two then. One of those original two died at age 8 in September 2008 (he was healthy, then he tragically herniated the first disc in his neck to the point of severely compromising his spinal cord, the poor guy). The other is still alive and she is pictured in my OP with Brexton & Berewic (her name is Gracie).


Here is a recent picture taken on Christmas Day of the entire gang:


In the foreground is Berewic (left) and my old guy, Brodyn. In the background is Brexton and Gracie (the Dane), and behind Gracie is Ocean (another rescue Dane that I got in spring 2009 - she had been neglected by her previous owner and weighed only 71 lbs in Jan 2009; she now weighs about 115 lbs which is a good weight for her).


I do agility with Gracie which has helped her enormously in terms of her insecurity & timidity. I started Ocean in agility classes and she's great, but it's an uphill battle keeping her focused on me in off-leash situations given her hearing impairment. They are a lot of fun, and are a good mix with the very energetic BC's!

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Hope recovery is going well for you. Youre dogs are so cute. I must say that I do love Brexton... :rolleyes: The Great Dane is gorgeous too ! The picture of Brexton and Berewic at your feet is priceless , LOL...


Owning some acreage like you do is our dream. We are hoping to find something this year and have a farm.

Just what you mentioned is basically what we want to do . You must be so excited to get started..

The BC Boards is a great place for information. There are forums for just about everything here.


Hope to hear more from you and about the farm.. :D

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Awww..great pics. I love Brodyn. :rolleyes:


Welcome to the boards and I look forward to stories of ranch life!


Thank you! Brodyn is a big goofy sweetheart. He was never as scary-smart as BK was, but he can hold his own. He's very laid back (for a BC) and gets along with everyone and every dog he's ever met. When he used to do a bit of novice herding, he was stylish but stayed wayyyy back off the stock (he was quite anxious in tight situations) so I'd often have to refocus him back on me and the sheep otherwise he'd be wayyyyy out there as he came around on his stock. LOL. It was always amusing to watch.


On Christmas day this year, we all went snowshoeing out on the "back 20" of my acreage. Brodyn was glued to my heels as he usually is since he's become an ol' fogey.



I kept wondering why it was intermittently so hard to lift my LIGHTWEIGHT snowshoes and then I figured it out:


He was following so closely that he kept stepping square on the tails of the snowshoes! LOL. It's a wonder that I didn't fall flat on my face during that hike.


This is one of my favorite close-up pictures of Brodyn, taken back when he was around 12 yrs old. He is a lot more grey around his muzzle & eyes now.



He's a great dog. :D

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Welcome to the boards. I really like your dogs! I love Brodyn.

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