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  1. oh oh , I just remembered ! My Sally is from stocklines ! Does that change anything ?
  2. Well , I cant argue with you on this one. I know you cant do any agility or any other sport because of your unfortunate physical problem , but you arent the one to preach about it either then.
  3. Im just curious , what do you consider a Shutzhund bred dog ?
  4. I cant expect anybody to understand anything about agility or flyball for that matter if you have never done it . Whether you choose to do or not , I dont care . Alot of people can stand on a soap box and preach whatever they like . Maybe they cant to do any sports or any other activities with their dog due to money or physical needs , but that doenst make it right for them to bash anybody elses choice. Its amazing how many people tuned into this thread.
  5. Well , some people havent been on the boards forever like most of you all. Some people look in the boards for other reasons , like other people who have BC , what sport , if any do they do ? Help with agility issues that come up. Im not looking to change the world .
  6. No , starting out a puppy in agility isnt going to guarantee you anything. But I have done the rescue thing numerous times for agility prospects and have done well. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to start a puppy and being able to do it.
  7. I have a complete set of equipment , both AKC , some UKC stuff too. Old , new , used. And please , running matches in no way takes the place of a real trial atmosphere . If you have a dog like I do , a rescue , with issues you can only dream up , having her take that first step in a real trial ring is a feeling like no other . And to have that same dog run a course and have fun , with all the noises and emotions gone wild , you would understand. I dont expect you do and theres nothing wrong with that. But dont tell me thats not good enough. Maybe its not good enough in your eyes , but it sure feels great knowing all your hard work has changed tyhis frightened BC into a secure , confidnet dog I knew she could be. I was also told by the same people you think you are grouping me together with , that my BC , because of being a rescue , isnt good enough or is a waste of time , that I should go buy myself a good agility dog from one of "those" places. In short , I told them to "bite me" . I will show them what she can do , being a rescue and having issues. I didnt do anything for the glory of it. I have trained a beagle to do agility to the top levels . If you can do that ...well... enough said. I dont have to prove anything. She knows its a competition and gets very excited. She knows when its a match and we can play around. Dont tell me you dont think the BC can tell the difference ?
  8. I think much more of my dogs then I do most people.
  9. Oh boy , how out of controp can one person get with a thread that read I am using my dogs as a EXAMPLE !!!!! I never or ever will have intentions of breeding MY DOGS !!!!!! I personally dont know what you have read or what you havent J . And how you feel about GSD and any other breed is your own opinion. I dont take it personally or even care . I dont plan on changing the world either. But , if YOU can, awesome.
  10. Anybody has a right to breed their dogs . Not everybody may agree with their reasons. You dont have to except it either. Take it up with those breeders ,Im sure this board has a long list of names . Dont take it up with the people who feel for the situation , but have a open opinion about it , take it up with the people who actually do the breeding ! I love those emoticons though
  11. Oh Ok. So if I give you my address and you can send the funds to fly my dogs and I to other venues ouside of my reach ? That would be nice . You can count how many NADAC trials are in home range on one hand . Not enough for us. Maybe a CPE and some UKC , but not nearly as many as AKC . I dont care if TRIPLE A ran a trial , I would participate in it because we love doing agility , not because of who is offering it. I would never condone anything if it was harming a dog , any dog. I was only using my dogs and I as a example to breed. I have no intentions of breeding my dogs at all. And have no intentions of breeding BC in general. Its amazing how fast something said by one person can be turned around ! Now I am a bad breeder who breeds agility dogs to get agility dogs . I can undrstand what you said about being harmful to the breed. I see your point of that. I look at that now differently. But it doesnt make me any worse of a person if I dont breathe fire when someone talks about AKC agility. I dont have the funds to go to flying all over to do USDAA or any other venue. I know there are tons of USDAA trials in California and I wish I could travel there , but one of my main competing dogs wouldnt be able to cope being on a plane so I would never put her on one. Does that make me a better person in light of the fact that I wouldnt never put my dog ona flight just so I didnt have to participate in a AKC agility trial ?Or should I jsut say the heck with it , throw her on a plane , not care if she makes it ok , just so I can fund USDAA instead of AKC ? No , Im going to stay local and enjoy a sport with my dogs , no matter who offrs the trial.
  12. Great , but I own BC not for farming , but to enjoy sports together. The Boards arent only for farmers , its for people who love BC and the activities that you can do with them.
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