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  1. oh oh , I just remembered ! My Sally is from stocklines ! Does that change anything ?
  2. Well , I cant argue with you on this one. I know you cant do any agility or any other sport because of your unfortunate physical problem , but you arent the one to preach about it either then.
  3. Im just curious , what do you consider a Shutzhund bred dog ?
  4. I cant expect anybody to understand anything about agility or flyball for that matter if you have never done it . Whether you choose to do or not , I dont care . Alot of people can stand on a soap box and preach whatever they like . Maybe they cant to do any sports or any other activities with their dog due to money or physical needs , but that doenst make it right for them to bash anybody elses choice. Its amazing how many people tuned into this thread.
  5. Well , some people havent been on the boards forever like most of you all. Some people look in the boards for other reasons , like other people who have BC , what sport , if any do they do ? Help with agility issues that come up. Im not looking to change the world .
  6. No , starting out a puppy in agility isnt going to guarantee you anything. But I have done the rescue thing numerous times for agility prospects and have done well. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to start a puppy and being able to do it.
  7. I have a complete set of equipment , both AKC , some UKC stuff too. Old , new , used. And please , running matches in no way takes the place of a real trial atmosphere . If you have a dog like I do , a rescue , with issues you can only dream up , having her take that first step in a real trial ring is a feeling like no other . And to have that same dog run a course and have fun , with all the noises and emotions gone wild , you would understand. I dont expect you do and theres nothing wrong with that. But dont tell me thats not good enough. Maybe its not good enough in your eyes , but it s
  8. I think much more of my dogs then I do most people.
  9. Oh boy , how out of controp can one person get with a thread that read I am using my dogs as a EXAMPLE !!!!! I never or ever will have intentions of breeding MY DOGS !!!!!! I personally dont know what you have read or what you havent J . And how you feel about GSD and any other breed is your own opinion. I dont take it personally or even care . I dont plan on changing the world either. But , if YOU can, awesome.
  10. Anybody has a right to breed their dogs . Not everybody may agree with their reasons. You dont have to except it either. Take it up with those breeders ,Im sure this board has a long list of names . Dont take it up with the people who feel for the situation , but have a open opinion about it , take it up with the people who actually do the breeding ! I love those emoticons though
  11. Oh Ok. So if I give you my address and you can send the funds to fly my dogs and I to other venues ouside of my reach ? That would be nice . You can count how many NADAC trials are in home range on one hand . Not enough for us. Maybe a CPE and some UKC , but not nearly as many as AKC . I dont care if TRIPLE A ran a trial , I would participate in it because we love doing agility , not because of who is offering it. I would never condone anything if it was harming a dog , any dog. I was only using my dogs and I as a example to breed. I have no intentions of breeding my dogs at all. And ha
  12. Great , but I own BC not for farming , but to enjoy sports together. The Boards arent only for farmers , its for people who love BC and the activities that you can do with them.
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