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  1. I feed my 15-1/2 yr old whatever he likes. I've been doing that for the past 18 months, since he first started to get fussy about his kibble. He has a bit of renal failure, but I don't bother with a renal diet specifically because he didn't like those diets much. I give him the same kibble that my other dogs get, and I add WHATEVER he wants on top. That varies from Caesar wet dog food (I'm not kidding!), cottage cheese, yogurt, ground beef that I've cooked up, pasta, etc, etc. It really doesn't matter to his health what he eats except that I'm trying to prevent his very slow weight loss f
  2. I'm NOT necessarily advocating this (LOL), but with my first BC pup who discovered the joy of counter surfing around 7-8 months of age I did the following. I put some mousetraps on the countertop at regularly spaced intervals, then put newspaper on top & secured it loosely with tape. When he tried counter surfing again, he got the snap effect under the paper, but was not at all injured (the newspaper was tough enough to not let a mousetrap "snap" through the paper - also, the mousetraps were set far enough back on the counter that they weren't in paw range). This deterrent worked almost
  3. I've been watching TONS of tv, too, because I'm recovering from gallbladder surgery that happened over the holidays. I feel as though there are roots growing from my back into my couch (aka, I'm bored senseless). So, my 6-mo old BC decided to come up on the couch to see what was up. Then he found a couple of balls and tonight, for the first time, learned not only that he can (sort of) carrying 2 tennis balls in his mouth (that was a fluke I think - LOL), but he can also "herd" one with his front legs while carrying the other in his mouth. My #1 BC (may he RIP) used to do that, and so I'
  4. I agree, nancy. That's what I read, too. It mystifies me how people are concluding that this red/white female needing a home is the same bitch that had the litter. From what I read on the website (including what you copied here), it's a totally different dog.
  5. I just looked at his entire site and I do NOT see what the confusion is! Under his photos page, there are 4 pictures showing the dog in question: a red/white medium-coated female border collie. I do not see a name attached to this dog. Elsewhere, he advertises (and shows photos of) his BC pups, and several other things. His description of the job opening for herders sounds respectful and advantageous for those interested. His descriptions of his own sheepdogs describes someone who has a solid & good relationship with his dogs. I see no issues, and I think the female
  6. As other have said, there is *nothing* wrong with putting this pup on an adult formula at his age. Canidae is a good food; I wouldn't hesitate to use it. I personally use Orijen now (grain-free) and Wellness Core (also grain-free). I used to use Canidae but when they changed the formula in summer 2008, my Great Dane kept getting hot spots when on it. She's had no trouble with grain-free kibbles. To keep things simple, I feed my BC's the grain-free kibble, too. They are doing great on it.
  7. I'd love to see pictures of your new Dorpers! I really love the look of the black-faced Dorpers from what I've read/researched about them (and I also love that they are a hair breed so that removes the need to shear every spring), but I've been warned off of them because I was told that they can be hard to dog. I'd be very interested to hear your experiences with them, and anyone else's experience with Dorpers and herding.
  8. Thank you! Brodyn is a big goofy sweetheart. He was never as scary-smart as BK was, but he can hold his own. He's very laid back (for a BC) and gets along with everyone and every dog he's ever met. When he used to do a bit of novice herding, he was stylish but stayed wayyyy back off the stock (he was quite anxious in tight situations) so I'd often have to refocus him back on me and the sheep otherwise he'd be wayyyyy out there as he came around on his stock. LOL. It was always amusing to watch. On Christmas day this year, we all went snowshoeing out on the "back 20" of my acreage. B
  9. Thank you! I'll always be a BC enthusiast. But in 2006 I also became interested in great danes and rescued my first two then. One of those original two died at age 8 in September 2008 (he was healthy, then he tragically herniated the first disc in his neck to the point of severely compromising his spinal cord, the poor guy). The other is still alive and she is pictured in my OP with Brexton & Berewic (her name is Gracie). Here is a recent picture taken on Christmas Day of the entire gang: In the foreground is Berewic (left) and my old guy, Brodyn. In the background is Brexton a
  10. Thanks, Cynthia. I was at the Kingston Sheepdog Trial this past summer, actually. I went with Brodyn who, despite a bit of failing vision, watched *every* run with the same focus he had as a younger dog. It was very cute to watch. Here's a picture of him watching ... (He was drying off because he had just tried dock dogs a bit earlier & he enjoyed it!!) I made some connections at that trial, and those connections eventually led me to acquiring Brexton. It was a fun trial. Who knows, maybe in YEARS to come I'll be in it (yikes!!). I am very much a novice but I
  11. Hi there, I registered with this board quite awhile ago but I haven't posted yet. I'm now home recovering from emergency gallbladder surgery on Dec 28th (hospitalized x 5 days due to complications), so I have a fair bit of time on my hands and thought I'd finally post! I live in the Kingston, Ontario area ... actually, I'm a new owner of 38 acres north of Kingston which I'm ecstatic about. I intend to improve the fencing next year and acquire some sheep, and also bring my horse home (he's currently stabled elsewhere). I've had BC's since 1993 when I got my first from an Alberta b
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