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Now you know why I live in the desert. Temps in the mid-70s this week. Winter was on Dec 23 between 3:00 and 3:37pm.


Please take care and stay warm.

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Hey you Canadians, please keep your arctic blast to yourselves! :D


Chance of SNOW in Daytona Beach FL :rolleyes:




Oh. My. Word :D :D :D


We're well past the two foot mark for snow here in the past week. We have a storm coming through today giving us another 6-8 inches, then the lake effect thing is supposed to give us more over the weekend. I'm glad I don't have dogs smaller than Border Collies - I'd probably loose them outside!!

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Here on our farm, once it's frozen (snow or no snow) we'd rather it stayed frozen until spring. I can take the cold, the dogs and cattle can take the cold, little calves can take the cold as long as their mama gets them clean and dry and they can get on their feet and nurse - but the mud is another story.


Right now, it's cold but beautiful outside, with another layer of snow, some breeziness now but drifting due to winds overnight, trees with beautiful snowy limbs - and a nice hot fire in the woodstove inside! The road drifted in and so neither of us made it out to work, Ed's got meaty soup bones pot-roasting in the oven to make a hefty pot of beef/veggie soup later in the day, I'll get whole-wheat bread going in the bread machine, the dogs are napping after chewing on fresh, meaty bones, and while neither of us made it to "work" we are both getting lots of work done at home.


In these circumstances, what's not to like about today?


These were from last evening, when the light was getting a bit dim -






Dan and Megan



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