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Hello Everyone! I am new to the boards and wanted to start off by introducing myself and my puppy Daisy.


Daisy is from a litter of 8 that was dumped in a cardboard box at animal control to be euthanized. Luckily, a rescue group showed up just in time and took them all in! I adopted Daisy at about three months old. Other than that very little is known.


When I adopted Daisy, I was told that she was a mix of possibly Border Collie or Australian Shepherd( because of the Blue Merle puppies in the litter). However, I knew that Border Collies could also be born Blue Merle. Although, I have found many many photos that look like her who are Border Collies, I am still unsure. I do know that her fur continues to get longer but she is not at all broad like the Aussie. She is very lean even for a puppy.


Some of Daisy's characteristics so far:

She loves water.

Is becoming very interested in her frisbee and soccer. In fact, I think soccer has passed frisbee for now. She has become a bit obsessed with it really and at times I have to hide the soccer ball in the cabinet.

Is in love with the cats, well keeping tabs on them anyway. She will not chase them, just follow them with lots of sitting and lying down to block them.(Have been working on stopping this)

She is a talker.

She will drop her head just about a little lower than parallel with her body and concentrate so hard on something I think she is looking right through it.

She will nip at your heals and the lower calf muscle.(Also have been working on stopping this)

She is extremely smart. In the two weeks that I had her, she knew sit, lie down, speak, roll over, shake hands, stay, come, could identify certain toys. But she is also a problem solver. She kept trying to take my shoes, so I finally put them up and told her to leave it. However, my shoes just happened to be sitting on a towel, so instead she pulled on the towel to get the shoes down. I have to constantly try to think ahead!


Maybe she is just a BC? I do know that in the end it doesn't really matter what kind of dog she is because she is fantastic the way she is! I just want to understand her behaviors and make sure she is a happy girl!


Thanks for reading such a long post! Hopefully, I am in the right place because I have so many questions!

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Welcome, and congrats and kudos for rescuing a pup that needed a loving and forever home!


Read, post, ask questions, listen and learn, and enjoy the boards! Don't forget to read "read this first" to get an idea of the philosophy of these boards.


Very best wishes to you and Daisy! (And folks will help address your questions, I am sure)

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Welcome to the boards. Ask ask ask! That's the best way to learn how these guys tick or at least how to work with them. She sure looks all BC to me. Thanks for rescuing her!

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She's adorable and looks like a Border Collie to me. The ears on the center merle puppy in the first photo are set so low that they kind of say Aussie to me, but ears do strange things when they're puppies so who knows.

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She sounds like a border collie to me, and she looks like a border collie to me, and so do her litter mates.

In my part of the country, we have a saying: "If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, the smart money will bet that it's a duck."


Have to go with Eileen's evaluation. (If anyone would know, she would.)

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