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Anybody with any input on microchipping ? Which company has the most to offer their clients . Homeagain does offer more in a way to find lost pets , they send out emails to everybody in the vicinity and neighboring towns where the lost pet was last seen.

They also welcome pets with microchips from other companies to join Homeagain for a small fee and they too have the atvantage of email notification sent out with a description on the pet and picture if available , medical alerts and pet insurance if the pet is injured while being lost ( must be reported lost first ). Ithink they have the most bang for your buck , but I would just like to know if anybody has had experience with a company that offers more...

This company also has universal chips and one scanner that reads both. Has anybody experienced any problems in customs ?

In some breed registries they are accepting microchips now instead of just tattoos. ( GSD ).

And lastly but most importantly , any adverse health reactions to misplaced microchips , migrating chips , and other reactions to the site of implantation of the chips ?


Thanks guys , you always offer great insight... :rolleyes:

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I had vets tell me absolutely not to do it until they were desexed and under general anaesthetic as it was painful. I made them microchip my first girl at 12 weeks as i was worried about some stupid idiot opening the gate or stealing her (someone stole my sisters dog from right infront of them) and you know what she just couldnt care less. The vet stuck a piece of liver infront of her face and she didn't even notice. My little girl was microchipped before she came to me at 6 weeks. Although i have never had any problems with it, they soon forgot about it. It's not that bad. It is mandatory here in Australia if you are selling puppies for them to be microchipped, so the dirty work is generally done when you get a puppy.

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Yes , most of the dogs that have it done dont seem to mind if distracted ...I'm interested in knowing if anybody who has a kennel has had any experience with Homeagain chips verses other companies. Any problems at customs with scanning the universal chips .. or if other companies offer more or less than Homeagain. Has anybody had the unfortunate experience of losing their dog and being contacted by the company that their beloved pet was found ?

Thanks again...for all replies ..I will be checking the archives for past posts on this topic as well..

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