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Keep in mind that we are still very new at this. It's not like the really flashy and polished ones you often see on youtube.


Still, we're improving and this was our best performance in competition ever!!




This isn't actually what we got the trophy for, but it is what we got the medal for. We qualified and got a leg and finished our Beginner Heelwork to Music title.


In the kind of Freestyle we do, Musical Freestyle and Heelwork to Music are two different divisions. In Heelwork, no leg weaves or jumps are allowed, nor any distance work. I switched Speedy to Heelwork this year so we could go back to Beginner and get some more experience.


We got selected, along with nine other teams, to go to an Invitational competition at the big Groom Expo banquet that night and that's where we won third place and got the trophy. No video of that, unfortunately - he did even better. Same routine, though.


If anyone wants to read the whole story, I have it posted on Dean's blog, which is linked in my signature under Speedy.

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