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Well we went up to NY for a USDAA trial and got half drown! It was a 3 day trial and it rained from 3pm Friday to about 10am Sunday (not good when you tent camping) Somehow the inside of the tent remained fairly dry. Whim was a bit wild but despite some handler flaws and flubs by me and some mis timing of jumps on his part we managed to come away from the trial with our Starters Relay title with a 1st/Q and a 3rd/Q a 1st/Q in Snooker, and a 2nd/Q in Standard. I am tickled pink with him and his progress

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WOW Congrats thats awesome! Is this his/her 1st show?


ps I am jealous I got soaked at the last 2 show I went too! I Even used the rain repellant at the last show and I didn't get quite as wet but my bedding was soaked.. What type of tent do you use?

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No this is his 3rd USDAA trial, and he's done about 5 NADAC trials but still he's coming along great. Our tent is an 8 man Coleman but it did leak somewhat through the fly we simply laid extra tarps across the top and clamped them down. We also moved everying thing off the walls, so nothing would wick through and dogs that weren't in pop up crates, slept on/in the sleeping bags with us to keep them from sleeping against the walls.

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