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Ideal age for training?

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Hi all....


Right now I was given the gift of time ( an optimistic approach to face unemployment), and I decided a healthy way to give a good use of it was with my sweet 3Y BC. We got her when she was six months, and from the very beginning we taught her the basics in obedience and some agility commands. She gets a lot of activity with us, as we go hiking a lot, and we go over a very basic homemade agility routine every day. Here in Colombia we don´t have agility trials (BCs are not that popular or even known at all...) but I would really like to go further with her agility skills, just as an excuse to spend more time with her doing something we both enjoy.

She is now 3, and for me she looks totally young and perfect, but I don't know if she is already too grown up for easily learning new tricks. Im no trainer at all, so I'd like to hear some thoughts on training 3 year-olders.

She understands: Hop, Come, Creep (I guess its spelled like that), stay, drop (for the frisbee), search... we have loooots of trouble with "platz" (lie down)... I wonder if she has trouble with german language :D

If you can also suggest some web sources where I can see routines, commands and material I could use... I'd be very grateful! :rolleyes:

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3 yo is NOT too old for training!! The oldest dog I've had in a training class (I teach) was 13 and he learned more slowly, but still caught on to a lot over the 7 week class. :rolleyes: Your dog will love having new things to work on, I'm sure!


Youtube can be a great source for inspiration when it comes to tricks, as is www.clickersolutions.com (the articles section especially has some good training ideas), and clickertraining.com (they have clicker videos online now). I also like the training program created in Sue Ailsby's "Training Levels" program - you should be able to google it, but I know a link can also be found at www.dragonflyllama.com as well.

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Wooowww!! I loved Kikopup, thanks for that. I'll spend this evening watching some of them and tomorrow we'll start our routines. Tonight my girl came totally burned out from a hike and the only command she will get is "Sleep". :rolleyes:

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I've trained my own dogs until they were over 10. Abby is 7 and is learning the things Jin is. It just takes longer.


I think I'll go watch Kikopup for a bit. Thanks for the link.

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