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He's something/BC mix.

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I hear that a lot. I have a dog he's a... Something/BC Mix. I really question about how many BC mixes there are in a given area because that implies more BCs than there are. Since getting Jin I've only seen one other BC in this entire area. I know of others, Jin's sibs and have heard of a few others. There are lots of Aussies and mini Aussies even a few cattle dogs however I haven't seen any BCs. In fact most people here aren't even sure Jin's a pure BC, they have to ask to be sure. So where are the BC/Something mixes everyone has coming from and where are the other BCs.


The other thing is the amount of people who seem to have had BCs in the past at sometime or another. I can accept that a few have had them possibly for a short time then gave them up. On the other hand I have found that if you are a BC owner you are always a BC owner.

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I think the fact that you hear about a lot of BC mixes reflects more on the amount of dogs being bred. We see a good number of BC mixes here, we pull around 3 or more a month from the shelters, but that is nothing compared to the amount of pitbull, lab, and other mixes in the shelters. While our rescue may take in 150ish dogs a year, many most likely mixes, there are thousands of more dogs that are not BC mixes. Overall BC mixes make up a smaller percentage of the population of dogs, but there is a HUGE population of dogs.

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^^^I agree. But also the border collie colors, the typical black and white is so easy to make out, that it's possible to identify the bc part of the dog. I thought about Izzy not even being a bc for a bit, but then I saw her stalk some birds then the inlaws dog, so now I know! She does it so well that's why I question her being a mix at all.


I feel the same as the OP that once you have a bc you never go back. I had a golden retriever growing up, and because she holds such a special place in my heart that I could never own another golden and I'm 28 now. I can see myself having several bc's through my lifetime, at least till I get too old to keep up with them!

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