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Dog Cloning Again

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Here's the article.


And last year, Trakr's owners entered the 16-year-old dog into a contest, sponsored by the California company BioArts International, which promised to clone a dog for free.


In a disposable pet world, I couldn't have thought of a better idea than to make "cloning of a dog" a hot contest prize!


"We expected that the winner would be an exceptional pet. Maybe he would have rescued Timmy from a well..."


Yes, because not everyone in this society feels their pets are exceptional, and oh my! If they saved Timmy from the well, we should make more of them! What a cloneworthy trait!


The goal was to create one clone, Bell reported, but five genetically identical puppies resulted from the surrogate dog pregnancies.


No way! How could that happen? But ... isn't that wonderful! Now we don't only have one clone of such a great dog, we now have five!

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Awe heck, give science another few decades and they will have the replicator up and running, then there will be no need for breeding anything. We will be stuck with everyone having the same thing. How much fun would that be, sure wouldn't have to worry about Timmy falling into a well then.



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The thought of cloning Bonnie actually really creeps me out. As much as I would love to have her with me forever, there is only one Bonnie and there should only ever be one Bonnie. The thought of having a dog made in some lab out of some cells from a dog I once had...


There are other great dogs out there, why do we need to clone the ones we've got?

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As much as I miss fpormer dogs I wold never have one of them cloned.


Besides I don't think he;s going to wind up with Trakr. He;s going to wind up with 5 pups but none of them are going to be trackr. The minds are different.

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As much as it costs to have a dog cloned I don't think it will ever be very popular. Isn't it something like $50,000. Maybe that's too high but seems like it is a whole lot of money.


I can kind of see cloning if you had some really superior animal - some trait that made them really exceptional maybe for future breeding. I don't know much about it. I don't understand how you can clone cats and they don't even look alike when they are born. The kittens I saw didn't look the same.


And haven't they had trouble with the cloned animals not being as healthy or robust?

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