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  1. Congrats on figuring out the right approach to keeping them alive, you should share they info, if its something we havent tried on the farm we will! Been a rough spring on the Holstein calfs here, had more then usual born died. Doing okay once they get to the calf barn.
  2. My mother in law recommends using Resorb for calves that are scouring, from my understanding she takes them off milk and feeds them this instead. Here is a link to the product Resorb From Pfizer She says you can use this for newborn also.
  3. I used a long stick to break mine from pulling. Everytime he would start to get ahead of me I would put the stick in front of his face and say heal, worked like a charm in one 25 minute walk. I never struck the dog with the stick only put it in front of his face. Maybe I got lucky not sure, but it worked really well for him.
  4. I have never had a dog of mine in 2.5 years go thru my wireless fence and not come back. As soon as they hear the beep they come back. With the wireless fence they cant just run thru it and only get one shock, with the wireless fence they keep getting shocked until they return for up to 25-35 seconds.
  5. I use the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence and would recommend it highly, just plug it in and put the collar on your pet your ready to go.
  6. Looks like the owner would have waited till the guys lease is up to have a survey done, seems to me he should be asked nicely to move his cattle and if he doesnt want to the survey should wait.
  7. My last two pups I got were age 10 weeks and the other was a couple days before 6 weeks. I definatly think 6 weeks is plenty old to send a pup to his new home. The one we got at 6wks traveled and took to her new home much better then the 10 week old pup did.
  8. The way the papers are now is in my oppinion the best way to do it.
  9. Got a new pocket video recorder and made use of it on the farm. Figured some of you might enjoy seeing it.
  10. So, you had a down, except when the dog was on stock. You tortured your dog because you don't know what a down is, the operative word being "you." These are nothing more than excuses for using a shock collar when; I dont agree he was tortured and why would you say he was you wasnt there, I was and it defiantly wasnt torture. a. you refuse to admit you don't know how to properly train a dog. <--- I disagree with that I totally admit I dont know how to properly train a dog to your standards. b. you refuse to get help from someone who does <--------Yea unless they move closer to me, I sure aint driving a hour for someone to show me. c. you receive personal satisfaction from abusing a dog that you don't know how to train. <-------- I sure didnt abuse my dog, nor wouldn't. I kinda like my dog Obviously he didn't know what a down was in that situation....was this in a round pen? An open field? Was it the first exposure? Sorry but there are more humane ways to "teach". Life and death behaviors may warrant an E-Collar nothing else imo. He knew what a down was in that situation he just perferred to attack the cows. It was in a open field, I train on the job just as alot of other farmers do. It was the first few exposures to stock actually. He would just full out attack mode and pay no attention to me.
  11. Shock collars are fine if used correctly. I started one of my dogs with one. When we first started out training he would do a all out attack on the cattle. Very abusive to them. He already knew what down was so I used a shock collar set on 2 to make him down. Worked like a charm. If a dog is going to abuse stock like that I will get a down! After the second day I never had to use it again. I definatly dont think it was abusing the dog on 2.
  12. Jim Cropper's Fleet and Dan look to be really big dogs.
  13. I went out to round up the milk cows one morning and noticed one had calved. She wasnt wanting to move so silly me got off the 4-wheeler and the cow charged me, I turned to run and she nailed me in the back and knocked me down. My dog take over after that and got her off. I might be died or hurt badly if not for the dog that day. Wasn't a border collie tho that was before I got them. Was a herding dog tho not sure what kind possibly a mut. Was terrible out herding but if you was ever having problems he wanted to help then.
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