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  1. I'm safe. I'm at my parents place in North Queensland, we're in the 25% of Queensland that's not been declared a disaster zone... We're very lucky. All of my family and friends in the affected areas have been relatively unaffected. I used to live in the Lockyer Valley area and seeing the scenes on TV, after that wall of water hit them monday afternoon, breaks my heart. I was evacuated from my home in New South Wales in early December. We were given a few hours notice and this was more than enough time to get my stuff and Bonnie's stuff sorted and packed into the car. But it has made me re
  2. ...that putting on my socks doesn't always mean we're going for a walk... ...that me picking up the hose doesn't always mean I am going to wet you... ...that kangaroo poo does not make good perfume or breath freshener, and if I wanted a green border collie I wouldn't have chosen a red one... rolling in it also pretty much guarantees that I will wet you with the hose... ...people that visit don't always want extra white hair on their clothes, nor do they always want you to kiss their expensive shoes... ...that not everyone loves you and wants kisses from you...
  3. A couple of tricks I do is when you push the pill to the back of the throat and hold her mouth closed, if she doesn't swallow (some dogs are really stubborn) just gently hold your fingers in/in front of her nostrils so that for a couple of seconds she can't inhale - this will force her to swallow. Also, try crushing the pill up if she's being really fussy and then mixing it in with a teaspoon of peanut butter or honey (or anything else she will love) so that it's more disguised by the food. Just make sure that you only mix it with a small amount of food so that you can be sure she's had th
  4. Kind of gross, but there are some good clips on Youtube demonstrating how to express a dog's anal glands. Just search 'anal glands' or something similar.
  5. Definately go the IV bag! If you need one to reach all the way up to the elbow try to get a 5 litre IV bag (equine or large animal clinics will have these, just ask). These are really handy, they are a little wide but some tape wrapped around the middle keeps it tucked in nicely. Really sturdy, don't wear out, and will not have little holes in the bottom that other plastic bags may have.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to add that she is speyed. I have considered a stump pyometra, but was under the impression that she'd have a temp if this was the case? The other thing I've been considering is vaginitis, I was reading that sometimes UTI's and vaginitis can be concurrent. I don't know a whole lot about this either, have only seen puppy vaginitis that usually clears up after speying. I think I'll talk to some people at uni tomorrow and then discuss it with the vet again tomorrow, when hopefully the culture results will be back. For now she seems comfortable enough and is bright,
  7. On saturday I noticed Bonnie was urinating more frequently and licking herself and just not quite herself. So I had a look at her and noticed some blood and pus like discharge around her vulva. So took her to the vet Sunday morning (new vet, first time I've had to use a vet since moving interstate), he took a urine sample and after a urinalysis diagnosed a UTI and prescribed Cephalexin, 300mg twice daily for 10 days. I saw quite a few UTI's while I was a vet nurse and never have I seen a dog discharging pus like this - bloody urine, yes, but not thick pus like I'm seeing coming from Bonni
  8. I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to scare you. I've just got grass seeds on my mind constantly at the moment because it's that season, and also because I've recently moved to a more grass-seed-problem prone area. Although we had our fair share of problem grass seeds where I used to live, they are much more common here due to the types of grasses. I'm in Australia so I don't know if they're prevalent in your area but you could call your vet and ask if he/she has ever seen problems related to grass seeds - if not, then I'd say you're pretty safe Edit: Also, you guys would be in spring now ri
  9. It could be something that's pierced her skin. It's grass seed season here and I'm pulling alot of grass seeds off Bonnie everyday, some of them have pierced her skin by the time I find them and they leave a raised red bump like that when I pull them out. I'd probably keep an eye on her for a temperature or more swelling around the site that could indicate that the grass seed has moved under her skin - just in case...
  10. My dogs are outdoor dogs (parents rules not mine). I don't really mind but when I move (should be sometime this year) Bonnie will be allowed indoors but not on the bed or furniture. That's entirely a personal thing, not saying anything about what anyone else's dogs should or should not be allowed to do. My cat doesn't even sleep with me. She retires herself to the laundry when she's ready to go to bed and I shut the door. I like knowing that my animals are safe and can't find their way into trouble during the night.
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