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Nikita had another intense seizure

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Hello to all my concerned friends regarding Nikita. This morning as I was getting ready for work Nikita had another major seizure, so I am home with her today to keep an eye on her. The worst part is my husband had to go out of town for work and I am not the best at being calm during theses situations.


I am getting worried that her seizure medication is not working like it was and the tumor is growing. I am not sure what is going on. All I know is that I am scared for her and when my husband is home I feel more comfortable since he knows how to handle theses situations. He has had dogs all his life unlike me, plus he stays calm.

She is on 4 Phenobarbital daily, 5ml of Potassium Bromide and 20 mg of Preds two times a day.


I am just worried that the time I feared is coming sooner than I wanted. Last night and early this morning she was fine then came the seizure. Although last night she had puppy like behavior like chewing on the TV cord which was hidden behind one of her toy boxes stuff full of toys but I did not give that a thought. I thought she just wanted to play and thought the cord was a toy which I immediately took from her. She seemed alert and full of energy.


I was looking at her seizure log and her last major seizure was May 1st. She has had mini ones we believe where her head bobs but we were not sure if those were caused by the tumor or mini seizures.


Julie :rolleyes:


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Gosh that sounds like A LOT of seizure meds - how big is Nikita and what are the dosages per pill or mL on the potassium bromide? At her worst, my parents' dog Oreo was on 3 grains pheno and 3mL KBr daily and would still have breakthrough seizures every 6-8 weeks (she was about 60lbs and had idiopathic epilepsy). We were able to actually wean her off the pheno completely after some odd health issues (healing crisis in holistic terminology), but any more than 1.5 grains twice daily had her pretty wobbly.

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I am sorry for my prior post I thought I posted twice but it looks like I did not. I am too stressed to be thinking clearly right now. Sorrry


As far as Nikita she is 45 pounds maybe 40 now.

Her dosage per pill are:

Potassium Bromide 732mg/5ml once a day

Phenobarbital 64.8mg, 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night

Preds-20mg, 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night.


It is alot of medication but so far this was the dose that helped control the seizures until today. I do not like giving her so much medication.


If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I am open to trying them.

Everyone here has been so wonderful and supportive, it has helped me so much which in turn helps Nikita.


Thank you!


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Have you talked to your vet? If the meds were controlling her seizures until now (and you don't describe the severity of the seizure, but I'm assuming it was much worse than any other breakthrough seizures she might have had before), then they just may require adjustment. Also your vet already knows about Nikita's other health issues and would be the best person to advise you on whether it's even possible to increase her meds and perhaps whether s/he thinks the new seizure is related to something going on with the tumor or just another breakthrough. Your vet might even have an idea for some other treatment to ameliorate her newest symptoms. In other words, we can provide you with lots of support here, but we are no substitute for a phone call to your vet--and that's what I'd do if I were in your situation right now.


I wish there was more we could do. I am sending good thoughts your and Nikita's way, but please give your vet a call.



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Gosh that sounds like A LOT of seizure meds



No, it it may not be. Depending on the specifics of the dog's condtion, it may be on a dose many, many times larger than what your dog was prescribed, and none of us are in a position to know what this dog may need. I would leave it to her vet.


I am so sorry to hear about Nikita.

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Thank you everyone so much. I am going to call my vet when they open and thanks to reading your comments it gives me a better understanding of how to expalin it and questions to ask. My vet is great I just have a difficult time relaying the information in a rational matter when I am so stressed, but he knows me and understands what I am trying to say for the most part.


I just get so emotional my mind is not there. But now I made a list of questions to ask that will make sense.

Nikita's seizure lasted 3 minutes and was a full body convulsion where she lost her bowels. Most of her seizures have lasted between 3 to 5 minutes but she had a 30 minute one and we went to the ER vet, that was the most severe.


I am hoping her medication just needs to be adjusted but I will find out shortly.

Thank you for your support and helpful comments. I really appreciate it.



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Is it confirmed that Nikita has a tumor? If so, is there anything the vet recommends doing for the tumor, or are you letting it go? I don't know how old Nikita is and can only imagine any sort of treatment of a tumor (depending on location) is expensive. I have a dog (not BC) that has seizures and though he is doing great on Pb alone, it took a month to get the dosage down. Like others suggested, it sounds like a medication issue. Has anything else changed in the few weeks? Food, activities, etc.?


I hope the vet can tweak the meds and everything calms down for you!

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Hi Everyone,

I called my vet and he increased her dose of Potassium Bromide by a small amout which I had to give her immediately. He did not want to increase her Phenobarbital since she is already on 4 a day.


He believes it maybe, I think it was stated here too a breakthrough seizure I think he said, that just happens due to the brain tumor. He said the seizures will happen even with all her medication. He stated everything so well but I tend to get all in a panic and forget stuff which is not good in this situation.


He tried to tell me politely considering her situation (he also has a copy of her MRI) that she has fought for this long and he is surprised she is still doing as good as she is. I told him alot of sleepless nights and love but she is worth the sacrifice.


He told me to keep an eye on her and if need be he would stop on his way home.

Right now Nikita is resting on her bed relaxing.

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He tried to tell me politely considering her situation (he also has a copy of her MRI) that she has fought for this long and he is surprised she is still doing as good as she is.

Missy suffered from a combination of cancer, Cushing's Disease, and a heart condition. In the fall of 2007, our vet told us that we were unlikely to have Missy for the upcoming holidays. She committed to providing a good quality of life for Missy (we made weekly visits for shots and treatment), but would let us know when the time had come. After Christmas 2007, the vet started referring to Missy as our "wonder dog", due to her continuing battle against the ravages of disease. The end did not come until April 2008. One never knows; the dog will decide when the time has come, and will let you know. Until then, cherish every moment, and spoil her rotten.

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Until then, cherish every moment, and spoil her rotten.

The day our daughter took her constant and devoted companion, Rocket, to be put to sleep, she stopped on the way to buy him the biggest chocolate bar that the store had. Kind of like morphine for a terminally-ill person - what harm could it do at that point, and how much fleeting pleasure and comfort would it give the old boy?


Best wishes for you and your dear Nikita in these difficult days.

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Hello to all of Nikita's concerned friends,


Nikita for the most part apprears to be pretty stable right now.

She suffered another seizure Tuesday night and was having difficulty keeping her food down for a few days. Our vet put her on a new medication to help with the vomiting and she appears to be doing good with that.

We had to increase her dosage of Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide and so far she is doing good on the new dosage although sometimes she is alittle groggy since her body is still adjusting to the higher dose.


She still has her good days and bad days and of course on the bad days my heart breaks because I want to make her well again.

This weekend was spent laying on the floor with her. I noticed when I lay by her she tends to perk up and have more life in her. So the few remaining weeks she has left I want to make sure she is as happy as she can be and if that makes her happy then I will continue to lay by her as much as possible.


I did notice something is wrong with her left eye. It looks like she has a small dent in her eye. I am not sure if she ran into something or what happened. It does not appear to be huritng her, but I have a call into my vet just to be safe. I tried to Nikita proof the house as much as possible to prevent things like this from happening. She has Doggles but those were used when she use to go for walks or she was outside to prevent any injury to her eye when she went blind. They seem to uncomfortable to leave on her all day while I am at work. So this is a mystery to me what happened but I am very concerned.


Thank you so much for asking how Nikita is doing I really appreciate it and so does Nikita!!


The pictures I have been including of Nikita are older ones and I am not a good photographer as you can tell. I have newer ones before she got ill I just need to download them so once I do I will include those.


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