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Hi all:


Tonight, as I was getting ready for bed, my husband noticed his side of the bed was wet. Hmmm, very strange. I looked and smelled, and yep, it was pee. A lot of it! This is beyond strange, I have no idea why Lacee did this. She'll be 10 next month and has never, ever had accidents in the house. So I guess I'm trying to figure out if she's sick, mad at us or what!? Any one out there have the same experience?

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I would be concerned that she may have a UTI or something else medical going on. A large quanity of urine would make me think that she was unable to control her bladder. IMHO. I would set up an appointment with my vet.


ETA: All of the spaces I have typed between sentances are not showing up when I post. This is an odd glitch, I haven't seen this happen before.

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Vet check recommendation from me as well, chances are it's either a UTI or simple urinary incontinence. Watch her when she's outside - is she acting at all oddly when she's trying to urinate, like squatting several times, having to go urgently like right now, anything like that? Those are some of the signs of a UTI.


If it's just urinary incontinence, then there's an inexpensive medication that your vet can prescribe that should fix it.



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I went through this about 2 years ago with my then 10 year old female. She had never had an accident indoors unless she was very sick. She was also very good at communicating when she needed to go out. When i found the second puddle, I took her to the vet and had her urine sampled. She tested negative for a UTI and bladder infection but the vet suspected incontinence ( she also mentioned something about spayed females being more prone to this). She is a very wait and see vet and since i felt i could deal with it (she was only peeing in areas where she slept and so i wrapped the inside of all the dogbeds in plastic and only had to wash the outside) we did not medicate. The situation went away on its own after about five weeks. But i believe it is not too difficult to deal with medically.


Good luck!

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