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I'm not sure Aveda is a purebred BC, but occassionally she'll do something that really seems to show her roots.

I was sitting on the couch studying and kept hearing a strange noise like a dog chewing something coming from the hallway, but when I got up to look Aveda was there laying down, head on paws, seemingly asleep with nothing around her. I sat back down and heard it again, went and checked, exact same thing. After the 3rd or 4th time of getting up and finding her asleep in the same postion I finally moved her and found the source... under her chin she was concealing one slobbery little coat button! :D:D

Silly girl, knows better than to chew random things, but knows better than to let me find out! :rolleyes:

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LOL! Very smart doggie!


A few weeks ago, my dog found some kind of bone in the road on trash day. I tossed it away - or so I thought! Buddy walked normally for about 1/4 mile to the house, and when he went to the front door, I noticed he seemed to be stiff or odd - he was holding his mouth strangely. Come to find out, he had picked up a bite-sized piece of the bone and had been carefully concealing it in his mouth - knowing that if he chewed it, I would know that he had it, and take it away. He was planning to get off the leash and sneak away to his bed and eat the darned thing in peace. :rolleyes:



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Jin does the same thing with pieces of chew toy. He also brings crap in from outside and tries to hide them.

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Bon does the same thing with clothes pegs. If she catches me looking at her she'll quickly put her head over the peg and look at me like "What? I don't have anything...".


I once caught her with a peg and took it off of her, she then gave me "the look" and trotted off around the back of the house and came back with another peg. I took that peg away and then followed her this time when she went behind the house, then behind the garden shed where I caught her getting another peg from a little stash she had hidden there. It seems that whenever one of us had dropped a peg while hanging up washing she had taken it and put them all in a pile behind the shed. She really likes pegs, we now have to be very careful when we hang out clothes, and check the ground afterwards to make sure we leave no pegs behind.

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