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  1. Your dogs have the coolest names, and I love Luce's smile.
  2. One of the ladies I avoid at the dog park is a rude old (and I mean oooold) lady who seems to like everyone but me. I found out one day it's because I have a dachshund. "Patty (her little white terrier) doesn't like dachshunds" she informed me, adding comments directed to her dog like "watch out Patty, those dachshunds have sharp teeth!" etc. I'm not sure if her dog gets this prejudice from his owner or not, but sure enough her dog went after mine. That was the end of that. The first doxie I had never put up with any "nonsense" from other breeds, but ALWAYS loved every doxie she met. M
  3. Some people can't afford an agility club or herding clinic or even a fence for their back yard, assuming everyone has a back yard. I take my dogs to the dog park for this reason. I'm extremely cautious of other dogs, and we almost always stay in the "little" dog area which is usually empty. I like to take them early in the morning too, since it isn't so hot and crowded. My dogs are vaccinated, I clean up after them, and they get baths as soon as they get home to get rid of any fleas. I've definitely had a few bad experiences, and avoid certain parks (and people) for these reasons. I
  4. I honestly don't know why I ever look at craigslist ads. They just put me in a bad mood. Sooooo many people around here are trying to make a buck by studding out their dogs. There's no excuse for ignorance at this point.
  5. I've been thinking the same thing about Aveda. She's an extremely passive dog and really doesn't fit the hyper, out of control image that most people seem to have about border collies. She's very laid-back around strangers and in the house, but is very playful outside. Barbie collie maybe? She needs a little more confidence, but I think she would be an excellent therapy dog. Let us know how it goes with Scooter!
  6. That was the first thing I noticed. It looks ridiculous.
  7. Sorry to be off topic but I've had several dogs spayed/ neutered over the years and not a single one has changed behaviors in a negative way. The only thing I can say ever changed is that they were easier to manage. My friend had a jack russell that he never neutered (he had "man" issues with it) and they dog would slip out and be gone for days at a time chasing the ladies. He never say anything wrong with it but it made me so nervous for him-- not only was he worsening the pet overpopulation issue but he was also at risk of being hit by a car, stolen, shot (a common occurrence around here), e
  8. I make my own frisbees by sewing a circular "pouch", inserting a circular rope, and sewing it in place. Obviously they don't fly well, but they're perfect for the ones who prefer softer toys. I made my dad's dachshund one and she treasures it like no other toy. Or you could be like Aveda and steal little crocheted flowers and throw them around the house like tiny frisbees.
  9. It definitely can be frustrating, I know. Aveda developed this habit now, and the new puppy across the street definitely isn't helping matters much. Lately whenever she sees another dog/ squirrel/ something she fixates on, I turn around and walk the other way. She still tries to turn back to see whatever it is, but I can tell she's learning that this reaction won't get results. I don't let her greet other dogs on walks anymore and won't until she can be respectful. It's a slow process but hopefully it's just a phase.
  10. That's interesting... whenever I see Aveda scratching I immediately think fleas since she's allergic, and usually go check on her. My roommate pointed out yesterday that it looks like she isn't even itching when she scratches, like it's just a habit or something. I'm wondering if maybe she's trying to get attention or doing it out of boredom or as a "displacement behavior". Thanks for the insight!
  11. I had a tiny dachshund while I was fostering, so this was a really important issue for me too, so I always had a friend/ family member come with me to the shelter to help do a temperment test. The other person would get a smaller dog of the same sex from another cage and we would go outside with the two dogs to see how they interacted. If all went well, we would try another small dog, and do at least 3 or 4 to be sure. Most shelters won't let you to put 2 dogs together that were not in the same pen, but that's mostly to prevent accidental breeding, hence the same sex rule. Just ask them first.
  12. I also have a friend who "sees" things. He rarely talks about it because it really freaks him out sometimes, but he finally mentioned it to his mother one day after living with it his whole life, and it turns out his mother experiences the exact same things, as does his grandmother. I'm skeptical of most people who claim to have "gifts", but the fact that this guy is so sensitive about it makes me think there really is something to it.
  13. desertranger, I'm extremely interested in the supernatural and would NOT think you're nuts. Would you mind elaborating?
  14. I like to smell my dogs too. Only sometimes it isn't quite so pleasant. What do you feed them?
  15. Got this from the website, what a gorgeous girl! Congratulations!
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