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Update on Black Jack and me

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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on us. Black Jack has been a little spunky thing the last few months. He has come around so much. Everyday he comes up with some new and funny trick or look. He's not even close to the same dog he was when I rescued him. I just got a state job I had been looking at for some time. It has good pay, benifits, and a set schedule except for about two months a year. So I'm really excited about it.

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I'm really glad to hear from you again. I feel sort of like that grandmother who lives too far away to keep track of you.


But I feel like I've been watching you grow up on these boards. Although you were definitely no irresponsible kid when you joined. But you are now facing genuine adulthood - and seem quite up to the challenge.


Please don't leave such gaps in the saga of you and Black jack. Man, I can remember when you first met him at the shelter. It's been a long - and wonderful - trip.

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Hey AJ

Great to hear from you. So glad you and BJ are doing so wonderful.

Yes congrats on the new job.

Do keep us old grannies posted. It does feel like your the long lost...hmmm..I'm not that old. How bout adopted son?

Give BlackJack a big hug. isn't it awesome to watch a rescue bloom and keep blooming!

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I went to the Sankey bull riding school last weekend. It was awesome. The best weekend I have ever had. I got on five bulls and rode two for 8 seconds. I only got stepped on twice. :rolleyes: Black Jack went with me and wanted to get them bulls out of the arena the whole time, but I wouldn't let him! I'll post some pictures when I get them up.


I was going to get her, but she got adopted to a nice family before I got her.

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