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This was our 6th trip to England (5th to Yorkshire) in 11 years. And we think we'll be back next spring.


BTW, folks, let me know if the green background is too dark. My PC is quite bright, so I may have a false impression of the appearance. I wanted to get the feel for how green England really is.

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Thanks for the wonderful treat!


I was in the Yorkshire Dales and southern Scotland for 17 days in the early 90's and it was the best trip. We, of course, went to see the border collies and to bring one home. None came home with us but we certainly saw some wonderful, talented working dogs, beautiful Swalesdale sheep, and met some incredibly hospitable, friendly people. We ended our trip at the International Sheepdog Trial in Aberystwyth, Wales.


Thanks for reviving those memories!

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Sounds like a great trip! Now you've got me longing for those windy hills and ALE! Yum yum yum.

Though I've been to England quite a few times, it was normally for the music culture (Oasis - the band that saved my life so that someone would be there to throw balls for Kessie one day - are from Manchester) and/or concerts...so I never noticed a single border collie! Kicking myself.


I remember the wind though, and the sky is so different from ours because of the sea being so near. Thanks for the memories!

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