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acute allergic reaction?


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Just got back from the vet. Seems Clyde has had reaction to something....

Started Monday night, he was favoring his right rear paw. Licking at it, keeping weight off of it. It did look tender between the pads.

Yesterday, he didn't want to play w/ his inside ball or even try to open the door to follow me in the bathroom. I knew something was up.

His paw at this point starting to swell slightly and he was really keeping the weight off of it. So off to the vet.

According to her, Clyde has run through _something_ probably some plant, and is suffering a reaction. He got a shot of steroids, a script for more and antibiotics.

What has me wondering, is what he could have gotten into? His normal routine, no strange places, no strange dogs... Same field that we have used almost everyday

since I have had him. (2+ yrs) Any ideas? I want to try to keep him from being exposed again.

Clyde is doing much better since his shot, played with his ball and is trying to tell me he wants to play frisbee. (goes to the table where it's kept,

looks at me, then the table, then me...) I can almost see him thinking, "these people can be so hard to train"

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I wonder if something bit/stung him? I don't believe it's uncommon for dogs to have severe allergic reactions to bee stings.

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An insect bite is possibility, the vet brought that up also. I just found out that my neighbor had to have his septic tank pumped out, ground around it was soaked w/ black water.

We have a gate in the fence, and Clyde plays with the neighbors BC. They both look at both yards as their domain.

Clyde is really feeling better, I took him to the field to play frisbee, figured some rollers wouldn't hurt him, no jumps, short runs he is still favoring his paw a bit, but the difference between now and this morning is amazing. He's back to pushing the bath room door open already...:-)

Thanks for the replies.

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Do you have fire ants in Florida (I'm assuming probably yes)? Their mounds can appear seemingly overnight where they've never been apparent before and they are small enough (the ants themselves) that you might not have noticed. Yellow jackets or other stinging insects are also a good possibility.



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Another possibility: a spider bite. I had a dog who apparently got bit on her face - swelled up like a balloon within about two hours of going out first thing in the a.m., then back in. I'm thinking she stuck her nose into a corner where there was a web with its architect in residence. Didn't seem to bother her much, but I was worried about a compromised airway. I gave her a kid's Benedryl, then took her to vet later. All turned out fine, but it WAS scary!



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