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  1. An insect bite is possibility, the vet brought that up also. I just found out that my neighbor had to have his septic tank pumped out, ground around it was soaked w/ black water. We have a gate in the fence, and Clyde plays with the neighbors BC. They both look at both yards as their domain. Clyde is really feeling better, I took him to the field to play frisbee, figured some rollers wouldn't hurt him, no jumps, short runs he is still favoring his paw a bit, but the difference between now and this morning is amazing. He's back to pushing the bath room door open already...:-) Thanks for the replies.
  2. Just got back from the vet. Seems Clyde has had reaction to something.... Started Monday night, he was favoring his right rear paw. Licking at it, keeping weight off of it. It did look tender between the pads. Yesterday, he didn't want to play w/ his inside ball or even try to open the door to follow me in the bathroom. I knew something was up. His paw at this point starting to swell slightly and he was really keeping the weight off of it. So off to the vet. According to her, Clyde has run through _something_ probably some plant, and is suffering a reaction. He got a shot of steroids, a script for more and antibiotics. What has me wondering, is what he could have gotten into? His normal routine, no strange places, no strange dogs... Same field that we have used almost everyday since I have had him. (2+ yrs) Any ideas? I want to try to keep him from being exposed again. Clyde is doing much better since his shot, played with his ball and is trying to tell me he wants to play frisbee. (goes to the table where it's kept, looks at me, then the table, then me...) I can almost see him thinking, "these people can be so hard to train"
  3. http://www.usnews.com/blogs/washington-whi...s-for-life.html Took a few mins to find it, but according to the media... ETA copy and paste, can't get the insert link feature to cooperate...
  4. Email sent, also a copy to just about everyone in my email address book. Next the media will be telling us what wonderful thing it is the Del Monte has done...
  5. What works with Clyde, is acknowledging his alarm, praise and maybe a treat. He then quiets down, on guard, but usually quiet unless the "threat" continues to approach. YMMV
  6. Clyde isn't wild about the heat, lays in the shade in the backyard and has his "cave". I wait until it has cooled down in the evening before playing with the frisbee. Drives him crazy, he looks out the window, then at me, back out the window. Here in Northeast FLit is hot and muggy most of the time... Lately, if we get ten minutes of frisbee time in, we are doing good. When Clyde starts getting hot, he will go to the water bowl, get a drink, then lay down. We go home then, and he heads for more water. I re-filled his bowl with my cold water once after a frisbee session, now he is looking for my water. (Any danger giving him chilled water?) After he gets his fill of water, I have a fan that he will lay in the tile floor in front of for a bit, then he wants to go play again... "Winter time", he will chase the frisbee for hours if I would let him.
  7. Clyde's nicknames, Clydo deFido, furball, and Claude Lamonte. (rember Sanford and Son?)
  8. I have all the names and such on the registration sheet, just wasn't sure if it was right to post here. Granddogs, on dad's side, Rambo, Allen Hipp, Diamond Queen, Allen Hipp, mom's side, Hercules and Kit, Mo Register. Sire is a Mo Register dog also, Ike, Sassy, owned by Sheri Land is Clyde's mom.
  9. Been stuck in the house for most of the day, did get out for bit to throw the frisbee between rain bands. (waiting for TS Fay to move west) Bored... Pulled out Clyde's ABCA reg sheet, googled a bunch of names, nothing really came up. It doesn't matter, but I would like to find out some more about his lineage. His "greatgranddogs" are from SC and TN area, some TX mixed in too. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Let me preface this; I have no intent of breeding the boy. I have learned there are _way_ too many BCs in shelters to put more into this world. The boy nearly wound up there. That said, Clyde was 2 in May. He is intact. What kind of behavior change should I be set for if he is cut? Will it help? Right now, no issues with chasing squirrels, birds, cars, thunder phobia... Some reactivity to folks coming in the house. (throw ball, now friends) Frisbees, balls are his life. Inside the house/in the fenced back yard recall is not a problem. Outside, across the street in the "frisbee" field, recall is challenge. I can call _home_ and he will run to the house and wait for me on the porch. In the house, playing w/ the ball, him giving it up is a challenge at times. He wants to play keep away until he remembers that I won't play that way and he will bring the ball back. He is getting better in the house tho. In the field with the frisbee, he will drop it when I tell him "drop" but he gets set (lays flat on the ground) waiting for the next throw. _Nothing_ else matters at that point. he is locked in. He gets the BC eye in the field chasing the frisbee and the same thing in the house with the ball. _VERY_ intense, treats put in his mouth get dropped. Basic stuff, sit, extended stay, come, down in the house/yard not a problem. (without ball/frisbee stimuli) I have been doing c/t style training, but once Clyde gets into "eye" mode, it doesn't work. He is a "latchkey" dog, put in the back yard when I go to work. He does have an 8 yr female BC next door he plays with while I'm gone tho. When I get home, we do play _every_ day, ball and frisbee, 1.5 or >mile walks. All that said, snip or not? Or, do I just have the pup that got dropped on his head?????
  11. I don't know what part of the country you're located, but here in FL, fleas are _bad_. I have to treat the yard, wash the dogs' bed cover about every 3 weeks. Running the vacuum every other day has help out too. Last trip to the vet, she suggested treating Clyde with the topical stuff every 2 weeks. I have the fleas under control. I still need to give Clyde an occasional bath with flea shampoo and bomb the house every now and then. Lots of work, but worth it to keep the fleas at bay....
  12. City dog, doesn't get a chance to herd much. Yesterday Clyde and I were out playing frisbee when the neighbors dog got loose. (pit/mix, no recall) They we frantically chasing the dog around, with no luck of catching him. Clyde had pretty much ignored the commotion. Suddenly, the dog comes running into the field we were playing in, right up to Clyde. I'm thinking that they may get into it, but they sniffed each other and the neighbors dog started walking away. Clyde must of thought, "No you don't!" He took charge and guided the loose dog right to me. I grabbed him by his collar and held him for his owners to come get. Clyde looked at me like, did I do good??? I'm telling him was a good boy, then Clyde just looked like, OK, throw the frisbee already! I was pretty proud of the boy.
  13. Outside, Clyde will work a basketball all over the backyard, pushing with his paws ans nose. Really fun to watch. He will get it hung up in a corner or stuck at the edge of the deck and start to cry until I get loose for him. Then he's back at it. Inside, he has a soft fuzzy ball that he will knock with his paws and nose until he wants me to throw it for him. Of course whenever I need to go to the bathroom, he knocks the door open, then pushes the ball at me (usually just out reach) and waits for me to throw it. I toss it, he's right back...
  14. Me and Clyde were out for our walk. There is a large vacant lot near where we turn around and come home. We were crossing the lot. and hear a a woman frantically calling her dog. A big retriever looking dog is bounding toward us. (off leash) He and Clyde start their dog greeting, the woman comes up and starts to call her dog off. I asked her to get her dog. The dogs continue their dance of sniffing one another. No fur up, no aggression on either part. A guy runs up and goes for the the loose dog, both dogs go up in the air after one and another. I pull Clyde back by the leash, and instinct took over, I feel bad but I kicked the other dog. Before anything else can be said, the couple and their dog are gone. I do feel bad about kicking a dog, but at the same time I feel like I was jusitiified. No blood was let, I broke a flip flop, had to walk 3/4 of mile home barefoot. I do realize, that their dog was loose unintentionally, (by the calls) and I don't ever want to hurt others, but??? Clyde seemed fine except for wanting go after a cat near the house. (he never done that before) The only other time he had shown any aggression toward another dog was when a little mexican dog was in his path back to a frisbee, he looked back at me as to say what's this? The the mexican dog bowed up, and I had to pull Clyde back. The owners apolgized, "he thinks he bigger than he is..
  15. I don't even know what I need to do yet, regardless I'm keeping my PIA dog tho..LOL Job offer came as a surprise. Now I have to figure out logistics.... Posted here before I even looked at what _I_ need...8-)
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