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Saw a dog fall out of a car

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Yesterday, on our way to the lake with Ouzo, there was a car in front of us, and, on each side of the back windows, there was a dog sticking its head out


I was just pointing them to Ouzo, who was getting excited, when suddenly, the dog on the left side of the car (I think it was an SUV), fell down the window, hit the ground, rolled at least twice, then got up, disoriented and crossed the street to some grass. Luckily this was happening inside the park, right before a stop sign, and the cars were not going over 15 mph.

My husband, who was driving, slammed the breaks to avoid hitting the dog, and started honking so that the dog's owners, who were totally oblivious about the fact that they had just "lost" one dog, would stop and retrieve the dog.

I was half way off our car, calling the dog and getting ready to head his way, when, finally, at our honking, the owners stopped and a kid jumped out and got the dog.

He did not seem to be hurt too bad, but as we were leaving, I saw the kid caring the dog back to their car, I think the dog was in shock. And who wouldn't be?!

He was really lucky that this happened at low speed, with not too much traffic (there were cars behind us), and not on the highway, where that dog wouldn't have stood a chance!


I do let my dog stick its head out the window, but would never roll the windows more than a few inches. Then I lock the windows, so he won't open them more by steping on the buttons (happened once!). These dogs were hanging out the windows, with the windows rolled ALL THE WAY DOWN! Even if you trust the dog not to jump (not me, I know my animal!), you have to realize that at a curve or break, they will eventually tumble down the window!


Arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :mad: :mad: :mad:

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Yikes! If, for some reason, I accidentally let Zeke hang out of the car and he fell I would probably NEVER forgive myself.


When I see people doing that I always make my mom slow down so they get way ahead of us. (If I'm driving I slow down too). I don't want to hit a dog thats fallen out the window!

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That's why Fergie wears her harness that hooks into the seat belt when she rides.


She can't fall out. She can't jump on me. She can see everything or lie down and sleep.


Thirty years ago, I put my kids in harnesses that attached to the seat belts (safer than car seats that hung over the seats and had plastic steering wheels). Guess that's why the kids refer to Ferg as their youngest sister.

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I hate that. It drives me nuts when people do that. Their ignorence is appalling! And yeah I agree, they probably will keep doing it.

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