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OT - Fate is a strange thing

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Driving home sometimes, I get a bit groggy and find that a stop to get a fruit juice usually helps. Last night on my way home, I wasn?t feeling particularly tired, but decided at the very last minute to stop. There was a group of cars behind me. I had no sooner gotten out of the car when an accident occurred. Two transports collided. When I got back on the highway, I realized as I passed the accident that the cars which were first on the scene, were the ones behind me?..those few seconds, could have meant I would have been in the middle of an accident with two transports. One of the drivers died?..Fate is a strange thing, isn?t it?

When something like this happens, it usually provides the 'wake up' call... Am I doing what I want to do, are 'things' that aren't really important cluttering my life? Yep, fate is a strange thing.

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I remember an incident similar to that. I was traveling with my brothers family across country and we were on the freeway. There was a white car that kept passing him, and then we'd pass.. that whole thing that sometimes happens. Well my brother had to use the bathroom (he pee's more than a normal woman I swear- anyway) we get back on the freeway and that car was in an accident where the person died as well.


Definately a wake up call. Im glad you werent injured or worse. I hope you enjoyed your fruit juice. :rolleyes:

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Today, the boys in the garage were telling me that the accident was a case of sun glare. Unless the tox tests show anything different on the westbound driver. Both rigs hit at full speed with neither of them hitting the brakes.

I'm so glad you drive west in the morning and east at night. Hurray for fruit juice (was there also a bag of Miss Vickies? - c'mon fess up)

I made three highway stops east of Spanish just before 5. If I thought about it too much, I'd never be able to do my job.

You and I both drive alot. I drove for 50 minutes this morning before I picked up my first child.

The deceased driver was a young man from Michigan, very sad.

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Nope...no Ms Vicki's...at least not yesterday :rolleyes: I got a look at the rig this morning. The cab of the rig was beyond destroyed. It would truly have been a miracle for anyone to survive it.

You're right, I don't really think about the drive too much. However, I can say in all honesty, I'd rather drive 17 than Toronto's 400-401.

So, for all you commuters out there...take good care

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I just heard on the radio that there was another head on involving two transports yesterday. It was in Wanup, just past you.

This one was caused by a motorist braking for baby ducks on the highway... no one killed

Add that to the one Wed west of me where another person was killed.

By my count, that's 2 people killed and 6 rigs destroyed since Tuesday on our highway.

What's going on?

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Spooky isn't it? The one yesterday was just about the same time of day because I was on my way home when CBC announced the road closed due to the crash! Maybe it's the summer thing...not paying attention to driving but what they're doing for vacation! LIVING would be a good thing!

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