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Harry the Dirty Dog

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I remember reading the book "Harry the Dirty Dog" when I was a child about a white dog with black spots who runs away from home and gets into all sorts of mischief and ends up completely dirty, so dirty that his family doesnt even recognize him when the go to the pound to pick him up.


Well, with the rise in temperatures the last couple of days, I now have a dog who USED to look like a Border Collie but apparently has been watching reruns of "Predator" at night while Ive been asleep and has been trying to evade aliens by covering himself in mud. Yuck.


I cant wait for the cold to return. Im not ready for any more mud for a while.


At least we have the puppy on a lead and kept her 95% out of the mud. She still looks like the right breed.


He was even too gross to take a good photo of today. Lie down is the wrong command for that dog in this weather.

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