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My border collie eats palm trees

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New to site - adopted a 1.5 yr old border collie from the southeast border collie rescue of Deland, FL in May 08. He is a great boy....but... in his excitement to get to the squirrels, he is eatting my very large areca palms - like a beaver on a 20 foot stalk. He will stop if you tell him - but very short attention span, the next time a squirrel tempts him- off he chews. Can honestly say that other than this he is the most incredible dog. Runs with me ( knows the command I'm old- wait for me) , he is always a happy boy. A touch skiddish from his days as a stray - but routine seems to keep that in check. We are willing to sacrifice the palms, wondered if there are any suggestions though. Oh - he is well exercised - has fenced in yard, goes for hour and half hike everyday, has another dog he plays with. Just the palms..... Thanks

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I have a hard time imagining your image (beaver on a 10-ft pole) - aren't arecas sort of shrubby-leafy? I wouldn't let my dog do this as a lot of palms have poisonous parts, or attract stinging caterpillars and rats. The areca makes betel nuts, which are chewed for their intoxicating properties, so I'd watch out for him chewing or eating the nuts.


My BC would probably go nuts and destroy something outside if I left him out there. I don't know, because he's never unsupervised out there. He won't amuse himself (at least in ways that are healthy and don't form bad habits). If you don't want your dog on your palms like that, go out with him on potty breaks and tell him no while he's doing it (getting on the palms). Then bring him back inside when you want to come in. I doubt he'll be missing anything because they like being with their people. And the husky and golden mix I had growing up were actually the same way - they never entertained themselves alone in the yard, they just got destructive if bored enough. Mainly, they liked the yard when one of us was in it with them.


Welcome, glad you are otherwise having a great time with your dog!

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Thanks for taking this guy in! You did a good thing.


Ooky's right about the dog liking being with you rather than in the yard, even with another dog. Border collies as a breed want interaction/companionship with their humans much more than with other dogs.


Are you doing any kind of training with him? You said he's doing well on your runs, I assume he's got basic manners down or you'd have mentioned it. BCs love to learn things. If you were to do some trick training or look into agility with him, both of you would love it.


Do take some action about the palms and the squirrel fixation. It's very easy for a bored bc to become obsessed with something, anything. Leaves blowing, clouds flowing across the sky, squirrels. Keep him with you and get that clever head focused on something else.


Enjoy yourselves,



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A little more info- Cody is always with us - the sliders in the house are left open so both the dogs can go in and out as they please.We work from home. Cody likes to go outside to sun himself. About the palms- we live in Florida - stick a broom in the soil and you have a tree - they are 20 ft areca palms. He loves to go outside to chase lizards, squirrels - he leaps like a kangaroo in excitement. We have a lot of squirrels - our neighbor feeds them. Cody thinks it is his job to keep them off our fence. I am concerned about the poster who mentioned the tree may be poisoness. Cody does not seem to eat the palm - he just shreds it. Thanks again.

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