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Parvo and Tamiflu

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Will be getting a new addition to the family soon and I I stumbled upon this information today. Has anyone had any experience with using Tamiflu to fight against Parvo virus ? Apparently it works great if used in the very early stages of the disease. She also states that it works against canine bordetella as well. Next time I am at my vets I plan on asking him if he has heard of using tamiflu.



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I just wanted to reply to this because I think its very important for people to know.


I just had a foster come down the Pravo. We caught it within the first 24 hours. I had 7 puppies exposed, some that had been vaccinated 4 weeks ago, some a week before and two 4 days before the outbreak. Everything in the house was bleached, everyone is being crated and really, we are just waiting now.


When I got home from leaving my foster at the EV, I had emails and voice mails telling me it was urgent that I got all the dogs on Tamiflu (which is what they are treating the Swine Flu with) and that I needed to get Tamiflu to the dog in the EV ASAP. I had a vet calling me in a prescription at 11 pm, two adopters on the phone worried sick (I adopted two puppies out that day) and a crying boyfriend. So out we went to the 24hr pharmacy to get this said miracle worker and back across the state a few more times.


We finally made it home at 5am the following day and I had left the house at 9am the day before to finish a few adoptions and pick up a two new fosters.


I got Taniflu to everyone, including the dog in the EV where there were no questions asked to hesitation in giving the sick pup the medication.


I've been told repeatedly now that Tamiflu does not cure Pravo, that it only treats the symptoms. After less then 24 hours of my sick foster (who was given a 50% chance of living) being in the EV, he was released. All my puppies, including the two that are only just now 7 weeks old, who had their vaccine less the 4 days before coming here, are just fine 8 days later and are still not showing any symptoms.


In the many emails I've received, there have been many rescuers who claim that Tamiflu has saved everyone puppy they've seen come in with Pravo from the time they've found its use and started using it. The treat puppies with full blown Pravo and treat puppies who've been exposed.


The dogs treatment in the EV was estimated to be anywhere from $600-1,500. Thanks to the Tamiflu and a few experienced kind people, he was out of there in no time and the rescue ended up only paying a $400 vet bill for him. Is this why vets don't recommend Tamiflu, because they are losing money? I do not know but I find it all questionable now. I asked if there was anything I could give my pups at home to prevent it, I was told no that they'd all have to come in to be treated. Yet, I now know that the measurements for Tamiflu is in their vet books and that it is said there just hasn't been any real study to see what it actually does and doesn't do for Pravo puppies (why not?).


I just wanted to toss this out here, in hopes that it may very well save someone some money and a puppy's life down the road. Just keep Tamiflu in mind, rather you think Pravo will ever affect you or not. It is always good to know.



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Its really not anything new - just an antiviral. It was for a while very hard to get due to low supply, and in some areas because of this restricted to specific patients (which would not included pets). If there is another run on it with the swine flu thing then it may get hard to find again.


I've got tamiflu on hand for people, but by far I've had the best success treating parvo with homeopathy/homeopathic vet. She has me use subq fluids and homeopathic remedies by symptom. We do not "pre-treat" pups, and within litters typically several don't even get sick and need anything other than a healthy raw diet.

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