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Agility bloopers!

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Just finished looking at Kristine's run with Dean Dog and found this on youtube.

Good job Kristine! Looking good.




Don't know if its been shown before but I thought it was a giggle, esp. the crazy Golden and the bc that is too fast for its own good!

Anyone else have blooper videos of their agility dogs?



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Conner idea of a fast sit for the the table... ouch!



or Here is Troy-boy first mini agility course! Not necessary bloopers but fun to watch none the less.



and Cressa not wanting us to get the last DBL Q! (Bad quality video)





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A regular run at a NADAC trial last weekend in Helena, MT.


Lucia is soooooooooo small animal reactive :rolleyes: The pigeons couldn't have had better timing. As you can see, I "lost" her the minute she was put on the line :D The judge was nice enough to let us run again, but she still blew it. Damn pigeons :D:D




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Great videos guys!

I loved Conner flying off the table :rolleyes: and Lucia having a total lapse -- I didn't know pigeons were allowed in agility! She probably was still distracted when she did her run -- I'm sure she'll do better next time :D


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those were awesome! Can't wait to get Archer started in agility!


Alisa...your link was good too, but then it led me to this!




Soon we'll see people trying to train an iguana to do agility! HAHA! :D Sorry, I know it's off topic and trying to show how effective clicker training can be...but bunnies? :rolleyes:

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I don't have a link but when I watched the bloopers it had one that was called "Should I stay or should I go" or something like that. It was set to the song and was all border collies at the start of an agility run. It was great. They did repeat some but still very funny!

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