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Happy 11th Birthday Isla

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Hi there,


Sunday October 26th is Isla’s 11th Birthday and I have been lurking and sometimes posting on these boards for most of her life – what better time to formally introduce us (it is also my Uncle David’s birthday but seeing as he isn’t a Border Collie I’ll wish him a happy day elsewhere :rolleyes: ). Besides Isla, my husband and I also have a two year old named Rock. I learned of and joined this board shortly after getting Isla (at 8 weeks). After I taught her to sit, come, lie down and to fetch I realized I needed help! Isla breaks our hearts every time she comes in for some love as she is a great dog, reliable and adaptable. It is hard to watch her age – I think she is aging gracefully but her mind still wants to write cheques her body can’t cash. She is still super energetic but now we need to temper her activities as, at times, she comes home from a walk a little too stiff and sore! Rock has been a great addition to our family and the two are good company – they wrestle daily and I think he helps keep her young and she helps him stay entertained.


Rock is a much more laid back dog than Isla ever was and has settled in really well. He is our pet Rock (he came with his name – since he came from a happy place didn’t consider changing his name). We got him at a year old – he apparently had potential on stock but being an only puppy, he seemed to pine for human attention. We feel lucky to have him and I know he feels lucky to have us as he is a true cuddle monkey. He is a little more cagey and timid than Isla, especially around the unknown (2 year old humans are certainly unknown).


We have had both dogs in agility – Isla for 9 years and Rock for 1. Having just moved it seems there isn’t a lot of agility in the winter around here. I had him enrolled in a clicker class but my health has taken a turn for the worse and I will be out of commission for a few months – I hope to be up and around for the January class. We still get out twice a day for good walks but as the second dog he really hasn’t had the one-on-one time he needs.


I grew up with Black Labs and my husband grew up with Golden Retrievers – we refer to them as ‘normal dogs’ and we refer to our BC’s as Freaks (with an emphasis on the eak). We love their quirkiness and try to do them justice by keeping them stimulated and exercised. In return we have great companions who are always up for a walk/hike or ski. We have never taken either dog mountain biking though – we just figured they were too black and it was too hot out.


Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading the boards the last years, they have kept me entertained and I have learned a great deal from everyone else’s experiences. I am appreciative to be able to bring questions here – some I express and some I can just search for in the archives.


So please join me in wishing my heart dog, Isla, a very Happy Birthday!


I may even make some home-made liver treats to celebrate (yuck and smelly!!).



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Thanks for the Birthday wishes!! And for the support - being sick is no fun - I have pneumonia and a cracked rib - but the Boards are definately a welcome distraction.


Photos... Well - Isla is the photo in my profile and Rock is the photo in my Avatar. It took me 10 or so years to introduce myself - stand by for the photos, I'll work on it!




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