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Hi Everyone!


Been a while since I posted because things have been absolutely nuts here... and in the time since I last posted I've moved to Raleigh NC (from Winston). We'd love to start our 3 border collies on Agility but I know from past experience with trainers that not all places are equal.


I tried to do a search to see if anyone's asked this before but.... can anyone recommend a good place in Raleigh? Also... my husband wants me to ask about flyball and herding too :rolleyes: ...





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Vikki, If you dont / cant find anyone that suits you in Raleigh, check out Bon Clyde in Sanford. She is very good, has a good rep, and has several multi talented BC's she runs. Its only about a 45 min. drive but maybe worth it.


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I think there is an agility place near me, in Durham. We are just west of RTP on 54. The place I'm thinking of is a tad west of us, but before you hit Chapel Hill.


But Raleigh is rather large - sprawling. In what general area are you?

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I lived in Raleigh and taught agility & flyball there for many years at more than a few of the facilities there. While there are a number of training schools, I'd really only recommend two trainers: Wendy who teaches at Bon-Clyde and Vanessa Mortarino who teaches at Teamworks. Unfortunately you may have to suffer through some imcompetent and clueless lower level trainers to get to them though, as I think they mainly teach upper levels. I think Teamworks has the worst lower-level instructors of anyone in the area who really don't understand Border Collies, so Bon-Clyde is probably your best bet. PBH (pet behavior help) was never really BC-friendly either (in fact the owner is very anti-BC) and Durham Kennel Club is just AKC agility, and mostly old school, so I wouldn't recommend them either.


Bon-Clyde (http://www.bon-clyde.com) doesn't list who teaches what class, so it's best to call or email. They have a great indoor facility.


Samantha at Sunny Acres may be a suitable lower level instructor, so if that's close might be worth checking out.


For flyball, just contact one of the local teams and go out and watch a practice. Flyball teams will teach you for free. The main teams in the area are the Go Dog Go, Blockade runners and Dog Gone Fast. http://www.flyball.org/getstarted/north_carolina.html. I'd recommend Go Dog Go. ;-)



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Pet Behavior Help has a flyball class. You can take the class and not have to commit to their team (Dog Gone Fast). For it to be right near you and just starting out, I'd recommend them. I took the class and had fun even though it was not new to me (I did it to socialize my dog mostly).


I also can recommend Bon-Clyde. A friend was taking her young daughter there and they had a very nice experience. Are having, I should say, as the daughter is continuing to work with Bonnie though not in agility. This friend is very uninclined to the whole dog sport culture, being a farmer and working BC breeder, but the owner's friendliness changed her mind.


Robin French on this Board is in Oxford, a bit north of Durham, for herding. I've heard she's very good. LOL - she's my instructor and she's awesome! I've worked with many people and Robin really has a talent for putting in a way that you can understand - a real "people trainer" as well as talented with the dogs.


And I have to put in a plug for my clinic in mid-November. Not me teaching, we're having David Henry down (DH of Christine, Valhalla from these Boards). It's under "Announcements" in the Stockdog Training section, or I can just send you a flyer.


Welcome to the Triangle by the way. I was in Stokes County when you first became a member here, now you've moved out this way and we are practically neighbors again! I'm less than an hour from PBH.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Geez, you'd think I died! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I got really sick and catching up has been a nightmare :rolleyes:


Thank you all for such WONDERFUL responses....


To answer some of your questions:


I'm right outside of the beltline...about 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh. . . Sanford and Statesville are a little far away (Statesville is actually closer to Charlotte).


Hi Becca (waving madly). Cool that we're neighbors now!! I never made it out to your farm before because of the distance... totally have to go to the trials etc there now :D


I will definitely check in to all of the different suggestions (and I appreciate the tips and hints on who to stay away from and why). I know that everyone says that the "herding" instinct that you see at the dog park isn't actually herding but prey-drive so I am REALLY curious to see what Zeus will do with an actual sheep because it never fails that he will make the white fluffy dogs at the dog park go where he wants them to and will circle around the picnic tables and other dogs etc to head them off.... none of my other dogs do that although they do enjoy chasing other dogs...just some quirk of his I guess.


Also, quick question... everyone keeps expecting my BCs to ankle and leg bite but they prefer to latch on at the neck and/or ear... the only one that goes for the legs is my dachshund mix! I obviously discourage tasting ear fuzz but is that pretty normal?


ok...i have LOTS of reading and oohing and ahhhing over adorable pictures to do now... :D

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I know it's so tempting to try to anticipate what your dog will do on sheep before the fact, but unfortunately nothing your dog now does can help you predict his or her behavior on sheep. Even if he or she looks the same in flashes, it's for totally different reasons. You just have to get your dog on sheep for real! :rolleyes:


When a dog trying to stop movement grabs something, it's because it's convenient for some reason. Some dogs grab tails because the dog will often ignore that. An ear may get the desired attention - it sounds very puppyish.


I look forward to seeing you around. Please drop me a line anytime you might find time to come up - and you must come up for Robin's trial and meet the whole gang, not this Saturday but the next. Eat muffins, scones, and what is sounding like an incredible meal for a good cause!

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