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My mom is just...stupid.


Not the most cheerful holiday statement, I agree, but on this Christmas morning I recieved the one thing I really just didn't need, all thanks to her...


A puppy.



Her puppy, at that. The very same puppy she JUST PURCHASED yesterday. She got the pup yesterday morning, and was calling me throughout the day to ask questions, which I happily answered. My sister was up there in NC visiting her for the holidays. This morning I get a distressed phone call about how she 'just can't do this,' and I was informed the puppy was on it's way back with my sister.


I agreed I'd help find it a home. She claimd the breeder wouldn't take it back. What I think it was, is the breeder probably would, but refused to give my mom her money back. And thats all my mom is concerned with, just getting her money back. So much so, that she told me to return the carrying case for the puppy to WalMart so she can get her money back on that. She didn't even send me a crate with the puppy, because she returned the one she bought. I'm surprised she didn't have me take the toys back, too.


An no, oh no, she can't just settle for me adopting the pup out to a good home, she's demanding I ask as much for the pup as she paid.


I'm so frustrated. Not at the puppy, never at this sweet puppy, who is remarkably good. So good, in fact, that I can't imagine anyone being overwhelmed by her. She's a Chinese Crested, a puppy my mom should have researched about well before buying one, as they need lots of extra skin care and such. But no, she had to go be stupid, and now I'm here cleaning up the mess she made.


I'll admit, she has some emotional issues as of late. When her boyfriend dumps her she goes out seeking to fill that void, and when they get back together everything but him is an inconvenience and has to go...this is the same issue that came up when I got Idolon. Luckily, I recognized it for what it was just in time, and the guy she was with had a lab puppy, and so they were content without her and I kept Idolon. Or else I don't know where my poor Ido would have ended up.


Sorry, I'm just venting. This extra burden, this extra mouth to feed, was not really on my 'to do' list. *Sigh* Anyway, she's here. I've affectionately dubbed her "Coo." My dogs LOVE her, and she just flits around them as they fetch and play, then crashes in my lap...



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She got her in NC? Where from? The breeder Zhi came from is near Charlotte. The other breeders I know around here are all pretty responsible and would take back their pup in a New York Minute.


She's just beautiful. If you can't get in touch with her breeders, talk to Crest Care. Remember it's the hols, so not the best time to try to track down someone in an all-volunteer organziation. Please be patient.


Her story is eerily similiar to Zhi's. She, too, was rejected after being given as a present to an older lady, at the age of eight weeks.


Let me know if you need any information about her care, or help placing her.

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I would be insanely mad. I dont know that I'd give her back to the breeder. Why should the breeder make double the money on her? I'd see if there was a rescue or something if I couldnt absolutely keep it. Whatever you decide good luck and thanks to you for taking care of the innocent.

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I have relatives who pull stuff like that. One of them uses my name to adopt cats and dumps them when she gets tired of them. My Mom has no dog sense, but at least she loves dogs and tries to always do the right thing and listens to what I tell her.


I would try to locate the breeder or ask for help from the local rescue in placing her. Do ask for an adoption fee and get her spayed before she is placed. I am sure there are plenty of idiots lurking out there who would turn her into a money maker.

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I'd love to get in touch with the breeder. I know they're near Charlotte, but I don't know where, or where my mom found the classifieds she was listed on. Also, she won't tell me.


I've read up about them, their special care and bathing needs. I was actually quite interested in this breed before getting a BC, but my first encounter with a BC quickly changed my mind, LoL.


I'd like to have her spayed before placing her in a home. But I'm anxious about when would be the best time to do that? She's only 9 weeks.


Also, I'm familiar with the prices of these dogs, and from what I have seen they go from anywhere from $500-1000. I don't want to offer her up as super cheap, for fear just anyone will fulfill a striking fancy, like my mom. I'm tempted to offer her for $100 more than what my mom paid for her, to pay for spaying costs, and donate whats leftover to our local shelter. At any rate, anyone who ends up adopting her will have to prove they know the kind of care these dogs require.


I'm going out tomorrow to buy up some cheap wee-dog stuff, little sweaters to keep her warm, a small crate, and a collar. Thank goodness for Christmas sales, eh?

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It sounds like she came from Zhi's breeder. Urk. But the good news is, her breeding dogs are realy nice and she's at a low risk for problems in spite of being essentially back yard bred. Her lines are N'Co, one of the top kennels (and one of my favorites now).


Don't try to place her yourself. These are really special dogs - you need Crest Care to screen prospective adopters - they will help with transport and so forth to the special homes that will be ready to take on a dog like her. You've seen all the special care they require - unless you know someone who is just dying to take all that on, it would work better to go through a rescue that has homes that are ready and on a waiting list. A puppy will go very, very fast.


You can have the pup spayed right at five months old. They mature fast and she'll be in her first heat before she's six months old, probably. And Cresteds are NOT shrinking violets when it comes to reproduction. You'd be amazed at how agile, strong, and determined your little sweetie is if she gets a notion that she needs to get bred.


Wally World has some really nice cheap stuff that fits the Crestie physique quite well (difficult - they have long bodies like a daschund, skinny little waists like a sighthound, and deep chests like a terrier). I got a little velour and fur reversable jacket that we even use as pajamas for her when it is cool in this old house.


No lanolin by the way, and when they say sunscreen, they REALLY mean it. Especially since you have a naked girl. I use a men's brand with skin conditioners, too (but remember to check for lanolin always).


Start shaving her face now, to get her used to it. Shave a little, and give her really great treats while you do it. You can also shave down the scattered hair on her body to make her nicer to handle (the weird thing is that THEY seem to love being "naked" once you've shaved them - they seem to associate it with more touching).


And baths of course too. When they say bathe weekly or more often, they really mean that too. She'll get nasty skin eruptions if you don't keep her squeaky clean. Give her treats the whole time you bathe her. These guys will turn themselves inside out for a treat. I use a drop of Downy in the rinse water to keep down static in Zhi's crest hair, and to make her smell sweet and clean.


If she's related to Zhi, don't be surprised if she's just as interested in the toys as your Border Collies, once she's settled in. But she'll crave constant touching. That's the second biggest downfall for these dogs (the first being the grooming requirements). It's hard for people to understand a lap dog that is so active yet literally goes crazy if they can't be in contact with you all the time. I don't get why someone gets a lap dog and then gets freaked out that the dog actually wants to do its job, but whatever.


Meanwhile, Crest Care is well established and would be happy to help, especially if you'll take care of her until they match her up with the perfect home. Assuming YOU are not her perfect home, LOL. :rolleyes:http://www.crest-care.com/

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Hey there

I was just at my sister-in-law's where they absolutely love the puppy they purchased about 5 months ago. It is a Chinese crested hairy hairless. They are seriously thinking about getting another one.

If you are interested in placing her or selling her I think they would make a wonderful home. They bought a 5 month old already spayed female which I think is a very good thing. I would make spaying a must in the deal.

Let me know and I can give you their contact info.

I think they are so ugly they're cute! I couldn't help but love their little one. So did my Micky. He let her crawl all over him and he?s not a puppy kind of dog!

Happy new years


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Rebecca, thanks for all the info. I'm totally with you onthe whole lap dog thing...and I thought BCs like to cuddle! She's attached to my hip, and really hates being parted from me. She is asleep on my lap as I speak. But I do have a few questions...


How on earth do I go about shaving her? I could have my groomer at work do her face, thats no problem. I worry about her little moles (yes moles!) on her face, though. But as for the rest of her body? What do I do?


I'd already read up on the bathing requirements and such, which again should be no problem. I went out and bought her a nice tiny fleece coat, and that seem to help her little trips outside. I'm bewildered by the fact she doesn't have to go potty that often..is this normal? Should I worry about that? She pees like three times a day, and poops twice, at most. Of course, she has only been with me for two days, but my experience with 9wk old puppies has me taking them out every 30 min or so...not the case with her. She seems to be a real breeze so far as housetraining, too...(knock on wood.)


Also, as far as crate training her, I've set her crate in the bathroom, its next to my room and I can hear her if she whines. And boy, does she whine...she treated us to several hour long nightly serenades last night. Will this ease like other puppies once she realizes it doesn't get her what she wants, or do I need to take extra steps because she is such a clingy breed? Her 'singing' periods got shorter and shorter last night, so I think she was getting the idea.


I'll look up crest-care and see what they can do for me as far as helping her find a new home. She is a sweetie, and I think I need to get her outta here before I become too attached! Aargh.

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