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Some of you know that my mother passed away in March; I posted in another section about her love for animals, especially abandoned ones and strays. She had very little money, but there was a very small inheritance. So I thought to myself, "What would Maman want me to do this this money?" I knew in my heart that she would want it used for an anmal cause. Coincidentally, just before the check arrived from her attorney, my son's Corgi mix, Bruno, took ill, and has very little time left. My grandsons love dogs, and so, after checking with my son and daughter-in-law, I used to money to buy an 8-week-old puppy that had been abandoned from a local Humane Society branch, as well as a pre-paid certificate of spaying at a later date. The pup is a female Golden Retriever/Lab mix; the owner dumped the litter of pups because he raises purebred Goldens (the pups were the product of an accidental liaison with a neighbor's dog) and did not want to be bothered with "mutts", so he gave the pups to the shelter even though they were only 8 weeks old.


Meet Roxie, the newest member of the extended family:


Maman would be proud.

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BJ. You are "The bomb!" Mamam is smiling bright, and you should have your shades on it is sooo bright!

I'll bet you are just about the coolest parent /grand parent around in your sons and grandsons eyes too! I hope he is old enough to understand how and why this wonderful gift came to him. Mamam surely isnt the only one that should be proud of you today! Ya did good :rolleyes:

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