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River's Incontinence

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So after UTI tests/cultures, River does not have an infection and after over a week of daily peeing on herself at night, the vet diagnosed her with incontinence. She's 2.5 yrs. So, I picked up PPA meds today to give her twice a day, every day, forever. Hopefully this does the trick.


I read on other threads the PPA worked great, so I'm hoping for good results as well.


Just wanted to share.

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My girl has had this problem since age 3.5 yr, when I got her. We've alternated PPA and DES (a hormone), and in "bad times," use both. One seems to work fine for awhile, then for whatever reason, works less well. I do know that age 7 or 8, she had some dental work done, and teeth pulled, root canal, showed a low-grade infection. It never showed up as a bladder or UTI, but the vet and I both believe that she had a low-grade infection circulating, and that caused the incontinence to flare up. Post-dental - she actually got a LOT better! At 12.5 yr now, she's about the same as she was a few years ago - just a now and then problem.


Hope your dog's problem is as easily solved!



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I have an older dog who has been on PPA for a few years now and it has been a tremendous help with the incontinence. So far we haven't had any lessening of effectiveness over time, and I'm hoping it stays that way. Good luck! You just know that River's got to be more comfortable now.



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Sami's had incontinence since age 4, she just turned 13 in April. We did have to up the PPA, but I've started adding a cranberry extract capsule and probiotics to her daily diet, and have been able to back off about 1/4 of what I was giving her.


Shoshone's incontinence is really steroid related, so she gets PPA daily and DES once a week. The cranberry didn't seem to make that much difference for her.


Ruth n the BC3

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