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dog visa?

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Each country has its own requirements. Your best bet would be to google something like 'taking dog to Africa'.



I don't even know what I need to do yet, regardless I'm keeping my PIA dog tho..LOL Job offer came

as a surprise. Now I have to figure out logistics.... Posted here before I even looked at what _I_ need...8-)

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He may need different vaccines, not just to travel, but to stay safe in general. Where in Africa would you guys be moving?


I know when I was looking up info on dogs in Germany I found a lot of help on a site for US diplomats moving internationally; it talked about travel rules as well as local laws and helpful hints, so you may want to see if there's a resource like that for the area you're looking at.

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Go to this site and look up the country you will be entering in to:




I have prepared alot of international health certificates- I don't think any of the African countries will be too difficult. England, Austraila, Japan, Hawaii are a real PITA and the European Union countries are a bit better but most countries just want a list of vaccines, a rabies vaccine given no less than 30 days and no more than a year old and a USDA stamped health certificates (some don't even want that). For some countries, the info on the USDA site is incomplete or outdated, so to be doubly sure you should try to contact the consulate for that country.

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