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Weird 'mating' behaviour - why?

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My BC-bitch turned 1yr on 15 June. She had a 'flash-in-the-pan' heat about one and a half months ago. I think it lasted all of 2 days. The last 2 weeks she's been doing something very weird. Directly after she had dinner she'll jump my leg - whether I'm sitting or standing - and carry on as though she is a male that is mating with a bitch. She'll do it a couple of times over approx. a 15 minute period and sort of settle down afterwards.

I've been wondering whether I should have her fixed? Will it help at all? When exactly is the right time?

I never spayed my first BC who I never bred with and she lived to be 11 without any health problems at all. So I thought I'll follow the same route with this madam. But alas.....

Anyone out there able to shed light on her behaviour and give suggestions on whether I should have her spayed?

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I would definitely have her spayed. It greatly reduces the chance that a bitch will get any of the female cancers.


A trainer told me that the "humping" is a dominance behavior. Alex still occasionally does this to her 2 Lab brothers.


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Number 1 - I'd get her spayed, period. While you had a previous dog that lived well unspayed, why take chances with increased likelihood of mammary tumors, pyometra, and unplanned pregnancy? As long as she is not in active heat, I would assume she could be spayed but your vet could give you the better advice there.


I would guess that spaying may help with hormonal issues and, as I haven't had problems like yours in any intact bitch I've owned in the past (not Border Collies, in general), I can't comment on them but I am sure there are people here who can give useful advice.


Your experience is another reason while I am all in favor of spaying bitches (ones that are not suitably proven for stockwork and breed-worthiness) - while there are generalities of the heat cycle, there are bitches who have very irregular, hard-to-detect, or otherwise unpredictable heat cycles, and swings in behavior and mood that may accompany them.


Best wishes, and I hope people will chime in with better thoughts and advice than I have given you.

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My sister had two female dogs for years. They were both fixed as puppies. The smaller one would hump the bigger one, several times a day. The bigger one didn't seem to mind at all. Seemed like just a habit that the little dog thought was fun.


My dog won't hump any dogs, and Will Not Allow Humping of Himself. He gets all snarly and reactive if a dog moves in the most slight humping manner. I've never seen him make even the tiniest attempt to hump another dog. However, if I get on the ground and hold a blankie or pillow, he'll try to hump THAT. (Early on, he actually tried to hump ME if I got on the ground! The noive!) Seems to be something he'd like to do, but something he's scared to do unless he feels really safe.


I think humping is something we really don't have a handle on. I suspect it probably has as many "purposes" in dog society as rough physical contact has in human society.



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