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  1. My rescue is about 8mnths and very agile and 'light footed'. I'd LOVE to teach her to jump up into my arms as a reward when she comes bounding back after i.e. a retrieve. How do I go about doing it? Any tips?
  2. Hi there! See you are from BC! I just made an awesome new friend from Vancouver BC. We met during the ABSA Cape Epic in South Africa now in March/April. We were both volunteers during the race. Richard works for BC Ambulance and is a dispatcher - specifically the air ambulances. BC seems to be a beautiful part of the world and one day I'd like to visit there. Have a great day!

  3. I'm curious though - what does the dog's red coat have to do with eating healthy treats or not? If your dog has allergies to certain foods, it's probably not because her coat is red. I have and have had several red dogs, and none of them suffered from allergies. There's no allergen correlation to their coat colour. The only allergy dog I have now is a tri Aussie mix, who unfortunately for him seems to suffer contact allergies from grasses and plants. Poor guy is itchy as sin 3/4s of the year. And he sleeps in my bed, so I have to be disturbed by his scratching and licking for 3/4s of the year too. RDM Not sure the red coat has anything to do with it...she just seems to turn out in a rash or get tender and red around her lips when she gets any form of milky stuff or spices into her system. I.e. when I want to treat her with some small pieces of chicken with her pellets I must make sure it has not been covered with any kind of spice. We seem to have problem in South Africa with a strain of flea that once bitten it makes the dog more succeptable (spelling...sorry!) to all kinds of skin allergies. But my other dogs are fine. It's just my Mango-red that seems to have the problem. Anyhow, I try manage it the best I can by also feeding her a sensitive skin food.
  4. WOW, Thank you so much for ALL of these wonderful ideas I will try them ALL out and give feedback in a month or so!
  5. Buying training treats in the vetshops are very expensive and I never know how long it has been on the shelf. I don't go to shows so I cannot buy at the stalls there. As I have a red bc, I have to be careful what I use as ingredients - it could irritate her skin. Does anyone have a fairly easy and healthy recipe(s) to make training treats?
  6. Hi there! I hope that you have since found a way of helping your boy. I can just add a little to all of the above - my bc was attacked while on lead by a bull terrier approx 2 years ago (she was also 2 years old at that stage). It really gave her a huge knock - more mentally than anything else. I had to go back to basics. Pure basics. She had to learn how to walk on leash again and I had to bypass the area where she was attacked for months. I swear she knew exactly where it happened...! I made her focus on things she was really good at and enjoyed - like retrieving. She was so bad at one stage that while playing on one end of a rugby field and noticing another dog on the opposite side (more than 100m away) - she would come running to me with tail between the legs - even though the other dog was not even interested in her or coming in our direction. I immediately focused her attention on whatever I could work with around me that was positive. Throwing the ball in another direction and praising her profusely. I was guiding her into doing things she enjoyed and was good at and rewarding it. Ignoring the negative (i.e. the other dog) and without a fuss just carrying on as though nothing is wrong - but at the same time not placing her in any danger. After months (yes, there is no quick fix...) she would be fine with other dogs coming closer and won't come scampering up to me. She now will run with other dogs and is almost 'normal' again. So in a nutshell - back to basics. Focus attention on things they are good at and enjoy and praise profusely. Build the confidence slowly. Best of luck - I trust you will both come out winners on the other side!
  7. Thank you BOTH so much for the advise! I will most definately start with it this afternoon when I get home! Will advise how it is going. I am also proud of Laika as her separation anxiety is getting less - she spent 3hrs last night in her bed with the other 2 dogs in their room before becoming restless because of a thunder storm. The previous night we only managed 1 hour... So we're getting there!
  8. Thank you BOTH so much for the advise! I will most definately start with it this afternoon when I get home! Will advise how it is going. I am also proud of Laika as her separation anxiety is getting less - she spent 3hrs last night in her bed with the other 2 dogs in their room before becoming restless because of a thunder storm. The previous night we only managed 1 hour... So we're getting there!
  9. I rescued a long-legged fox terrier X Ridgeback from the street. She is aprox. 8 months. She is coming into her own after I had her spayed 10 days ago. Since 'feeling herself' again she is challenging my red BC (Mango). They've had 3 scraps in the last 2 days. All mainly because of being in close proximity of each other when I am near. When together and alone with my other rescue (a small fox terrier), they are all fine. My BC is a bit timid/unsure ever since she got attacked and bit by a bull terrier about 2 years ago. I've worked really hard to get her right again and she has lost most of her 'spooks'. The newcomer, Laika, has taken to me and I think I should be more strict with her. Ensure she knows that I call the shots and she must behave. How else am I going to get her to stop scrapping with Mango? Any advise will be appreciated....
  10. My second BC called Mango is 30months (2 and a half yrs) and I'd love to teach her to weave. She is however totally different in temperament to my first BC who snapped the trick after just 15 minutes. I cannot seem to get Mango to focus! She pulls at her lead, barks at me in excitement and drives me nuts! Any help/guidance will be appreciated!
  11. Dear Buzz, Mango and I am sending lots of love and positive vibes all the way from Paarl, South Africa!!!!
  12. I feel for you! I'm experiencing the same problems with my 14months BC. I tried everything until I read "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell. Al I can say is do yourself and your dog the favour of a lifetime by reading this book. Get it as fast as you can and start doing what she says. I've given this advise to someone else on the Boards and I wonder if they are reading this now? You might think that while reading it, that what she's saying doesn't have anything to do with your specific problems....but it DOES. I promise you this. I saw a very very big improvement with my BC within less than a week. I have now gone on to purchase the follow up book called "The Practical Dog Listener. he 30-day path to a lifelong understanding of your dog" ISBN number 9780007145706 I think it is important that you must read it in sequence. So don't try taking a shortcut by reading The Practical Dog Listener first just because it says it is a 30-day guide. I hope this book will help you and your dog to be happy together for years to come in a stress free situation. Best of luck!
  13. As mentioned before when coming to this forum for help - we don't realy go 'big' in SA with dog accessories etc. and things are only now 'waking up'. It still is difficult to get certain things around here. And so I am looking at finding a nice strong, but thin leather leash of standard (?) lentgh to work my BC with. Can anyone please suggest a website I can browse to purchase something like this? All help will be most appreciated :-)
  14. Hi There! I joined this Board in order to get help for my very unruly BC (2nd BC but totally different to my first). Imust say that I received help from all quarters, but something still niggled in my mind. I then got a tip to read the book: The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell You have NO IDEA how this book changed my life, my dog's life and our life together in the world out there. Maybe you've heard about the book/author and maybe not. If not, I truly hope you'll make the effort to get it and read it from front to back. It is very important that you realise you cannot go to the index of this book and look for your specific problem too read about it and get it solved. It doesn't work that way. Read it from beginning to end and start doing what the author says. I know you'll think:"But this has NOTHING to do with my problem!" STOP right there - I promise you it DOES and it WILL help and work. You must however give 100% and your entire family will have to work along with you. I saw a positive change within 1 DAY from starting and have had further positive results with extreme dominance problems etc within 2 weeks. Please, please, please get the book and read it. It WILL change your life and that of your beloved four legged friends forever. Please let me know how it went. Regards Chaser (Cape Town, SA)
  15. My BC-bitch turned 1yr on 15 June. She had a 'flash-in-the-pan' heat about one and a half months ago. I think it lasted all of 2 days. The last 2 weeks she's been doing something very weird. Directly after she had dinner she'll jump my leg - whether I'm sitting or standing - and carry on as though she is a male that is mating with a bitch. She'll do it a couple of times over approx. a 15 minute period and sort of settle down afterwards. I've been wondering whether I should have her fixed? Will it help at all? When exactly is the right time? I never spayed my first BC who I never bred with and she lived to be 11 without any health problems at all. So I thought I'll follow the same route with this madam. But alas..... Anyone out there able to shed light on her behaviour and give suggestions on whether I should have her spayed?
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