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So this is where we part, my friend,

And you'll run on, around the bend,

Gone from sight, but not from mind,

New pleasures there you'll surely find.


We will go on. We'll find the strength.

Life measures quality, not its length.

One long embrace before you leave,

Share one last look, before we grieve.


There were others, that much is true,

But they be they, and they aren't you.

And we, fair, impartial, or so we thought,

Will remember well all you've taught.


Your place we'll hold, you will be missed,

The fur we stroked, the nose we kissed.

And as you journey to your final rest,

Take this with you....we loved you best.


Go in peace, our valiant friend. Suffer no more; sweet sleep has come. Be welcomed by our friends; they have blazed a path for you to follow. Wait patiently, for we will join you again, your keen vision restored to lead our way, your strength renewed, for we shall journey on together forever. We learned from your courage in the waning of your days. You fought bravely through the pain, a whimper never passed, always by our sides as we were by yours. Your battle is over, our grieving begins. Your place in our souls will always remain filled. So rest now in peace, our gallant companion, knowing how much we loved you and will miss you at our sides.

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Oh, no.....I am so very sorry to read this. My heart goes out to you. Missy was a beautiful girl. Rest easy at the Bridge Missy...there are a lot of great friends for you to meet while you wait.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Missy. She fought a valiant fight for a long time to stay with her family. The old cliche about the spirit being strong but the flesh weak seemed to describe her perfectly. May she rest in peace at the Bridge until you meet again, and I hope your memories of her bring you comfort.

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Missy came home yesterday. I have spoken in the past of how much Missy was loved at our vet’s; this was particularly clear yesterday. The vet did not charge us for euthanizing Missy. The staff had taken up a collection to give us a special engraved container for Missy’s ashes; she now rests on the dresser in our bedroom next to where her bed was located. A picture of Missy (the Patrice Palmer picture shown above) now hangs in the vet’s office. And everyone in the office had signed a sympathy card, with each person providing a little dedication to our baby; the sentiment on the card was from Isla Paschal Richardson: Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so – ‘twas Heaven here with you.


It brings tears to my eyes to know that they will miss her almost as much as we do.

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Most times we never know who we touch, or in your case, how much our pets touch people. I am so glad you know. It was really wonderfull that you gave her pic to hang in the vets office, but Lord knows how you parted with it. Y'all are good people. I wish y'all only the best. Missy was loved, and she loved y'all right back. Take joy from her life, and how blessed y'all were to have had her pass through your life.

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I am sorry your friend is gone but She'll never be gone in spirit and soul !


She was clearly very loved and a very lucky dog. You'll have a heart full of warm memories to get you through the rough patches ahead !

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