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What color is your BC?

BC colors  

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  1. 1. What color is your BC?

    • Black and White
    • Red and White
    • Cream and White
    • Black tri
    • Red tri
    • Blue Merle
    • Red Merle
    • Solid Color
    • Other

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I have a red and white male who is almost 2 years old. His name is Reid. And I have a black and white female puppy who is not quite 5 months yet. Her name is Remi.

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I have a black & white tri and a red merle tri, though I was told about a week ago, jokingly, that my tri doesn't count. :rolleyes: Unless you know Pith REALLY well, you'd never know he was a tri, and rarely does anyone see it without my pointing it out. He only has two tri points, one very small one on an elbow and then a slightly larger splash on the back of a thigh. Kodah, on the other hand, is a pretty typical red merle tri, just with more white than the classic. I didn't actually find merles appealing until Kodah came along.

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