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  1. Haha, great video. She did a great job being sad--and the music helped. The song is moonlight sonata, right? She definetly could be a GREAT actor!
  2. Oh, I'm sorry for not adding working stock. (I'm a fool.) It never occured to me because I never did working stop with my aussie yet. I appologize once more for letting you guys down...
  3. Haha, thanks to everyone who voted and thanks for commenting. It looks like two years old is the most popular...
  4. Here is another poll by me...how old is your dog?Thanks for participating. My aussie is ten months old...
  5. Haha, that's cute. And she is a very beautiful dog. That is very nice that she learned to bark on command--that looks like a tough trick to teach a dog. She is doing pretty well on saying hello, too. Nice dog!
  6. Yeah, my Aussie has a simular problem. She'll go get the ball, grab it, but she won't come back. She just wants to play keep a way and tag, haha. Maybe you can try teaching her to fetch with a leash. You'll need two people. Have one person throw the ball, and have the other person leash your dog. When your dog chases the ball, the person with the leash will follow. When she is close to the ball, put it in her mouth and then walk her back to the person who through the ball with your leash. I did a bad job explaining, but...try it. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm just guessing...
  7. Hey, this is another poll just for fun. Thanks for participating. If you have more than one dog, feel free to vote more than once.
  8. Hey, I'm just wondering if you think I'll be able to handle two puppies at the same time. Is it too hard raising two puppies at the same time? Should I just stick with one? I am not going to get puppies soon, I'm just wondering for the future. With their energetic personalilty and their good brains, will two be way to much to handle? Thanks for your help.
  9. Yipe! I tried to post a poll but it didn't work...rats! Then, please just tell me the color of your dog...Anyway, my Aussie is a black tri. Can anyone tell me how to post a poll please? I made it, but it didn't show up. Thanks!
  10. That's awesome. Yeah, I'm sure that BC's are wonderful dogs. I had a BC a long time ago, but now I have an Aussie. I was too young for the Border Collie, though, So we didn't have a very big bond. Border Collies are great dogs! I'm glad that you're happy with her/him.
  11. Border Collies are extremely intellegent, loving dogs. I agree fully with you.
  12. I actually NEVER crated my dog. (aussie) She was an outdoor dog, but because of her cuteness we sometimes let her take a peek inside. She sits on the rug inside, next to the door. Most of the time she stays outside, though. We never ever put her in a crate before.
  13. My dog loves to lick. She especially loves to lay on you and attack your face with saliva. Also, she licks my hands and knees when I pet her. So...it's normal!
  14. Hi, I'm just wondering what two genders are the best together. A male and a male, a female and a female, or a male and a female? --thanks so much!
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