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  1. Yes, I am looking for stock training. I have obedience well covered, but thank you regardless.
  2. I'm really glad to have read this thread. I get angry with my dogs, and I have a hard time just "walking away". Later, I realize that training while mad or upset does more damage than good. But it's SO hard to walk away some times. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one fighting this battle. Patience, and knowing when to just put the dogs away from 15 minutes is something I'm working hard to instill in myself. The last thing I want to be is an unfair trainer for my dogs.
  3. Wow, lots of positive reviews on USDAA. I'll be honest, I don't know much about USDAA. I will be registering my dog with AKC and NADAC. I want to do em all.. that's how addicted I am. Now I'm going to look into USDAA. Thanks for all the responses!
  4. I lost my childhood heart dog when he was 4 years old. I was 16 at the time. It took me 6 years to bond closely with another dog. I do have a new heart dog now, but I still grieve for the original dog that stole my heart.
  5. What agility venues do you run with your dogs? (i.e. UKC, NADAC, etc) Currently, I am only running UKC.
  6. I have to say.. I'm surprised at how many people do not work their dogs on sheep.
  7. I love the tans too... I'd love to have a tan dog. For me, my favorite color is red and white. R&Ws just make me go gaga... *swoon* After that... I like Tan Black and white Black and white + Red and white with dark tri points... I don't like light tri points Red merle
  8. For River, have you tried serving her food with a dose of slippery elm? It's what I use when my dogs have loose stool, and it works wonderfully on upset stomach. Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus Fulva) is a soothing nutritive demulcent suitable for sensitive or inflamed mucous membrane linings in the digestive system. Slippery Elm may be used for treating diarrhea or colon disorders.
  9. I add salmon oil to my dogs food for the added bonuses it offers to joints and coats. However, if you are feeding your dog a high quality dog food, you should not have to add any supplements to your dogs diet.
  10. That is a really awesome idea, Brian. I'm definitely giving that a shot!
  11. Thanks for the advice I'll definitely browse through some flyball instructions.
  12. My BC puppy is fast approaching five months of age and she still doesn't get the game of "fetch". If a ball is thrown, she will run after it.. which I will verbally reward. Once she gets to the ball, she will stop, sniff it, then walk away. It never even dawns on her to bring the ball back. Now, I remember how I had to teach my male BC the game of fetch as a puppy, but he was prone to actually attempt to bring the ball back. My girl wont even pick the ball up. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to help my girl understand that bringing the toy back is a good thing and the right thing to do? I am generally a correctional trainer with heavy verbal praise, but I do use treats occasionally. along with shaping and luring. So, I am open to whatever works.
  13. Saturday was my first agility trial ever with any of my dogs. I took my nearly two year old male border collie, Reid. The venue was UKC, and we ran two trials under AG1. Our first run we got a qualifying score of 193 and a time of 40.99 out of 61 seconds. This earned us first place! Our second trial was beautiful run with awesome time, but we dropped the second to last bar so we were disqualified. All in all, I am beyond please. I wasn't expecting to go home with any Q's, let alone a ribbon. I just wanted to get our feet wet, and get used to the competition scene. I was far more nervous than my dog. He was brilliant. I could not have asked for more! Our next trial is in June, and I can't wait to go!
  14. I have a red and white male who is almost 2 years old. His name is Reid. And I have a black and white female puppy who is not quite 5 months yet. Her name is Remi.
  15. If Miele is too far out of your price range.. seriously consider a Dyson or an Electrolux. This is what I have: http://smallappliances.electroluxusa.com/n...sp?ProdID=36982
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