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I am doing the beat myself up thing...


Bula and Kramer took off today around 1 and they still aren't back yet. Bula did this last night and was gone for 4 hours by herself. She did come back. I was keeping a close eye on them today and having them come back to me a lot. Then I had to switch a horse to a different field and when I came back to the main area they were gone. I "hope" they went up the backside of the mtn because they have no vehicle sense what-so-ever.


So I am stuck at work, can't leave, and worried sick!


Please send good board mojo that they come back.


*note* They are normally off leash on our farm and they don't leave. This is something that has just started. Maybe they are catching smells from animals more now since its winter and snow is on the ground? Trying to think of some reason other then they just want to go away.


*sigh* this sucks, I have already called the two local shelters but they are not open today. Only lucky thing is if someone calls the police i will know first, since i work for them....that's what I do. Comm Specialist - Dispatcher. Kinda hoping someone will find them.



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just realized i didn't spell check....MOJO MOJO MOJO....


My DH had to go plow but he has been checking back at the house. Luckily it isn't too cold here today, and they have the barn to go to if they come back and we aren't home.


I was late to work because I was driving around to make sure they weren' t along the roads. Damn dogs!!!

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So my DH just said that Kramer is home but no Bula yet. Bula knows when she does wrong and will only come to me at that point. Hopefully she hunkers down and stays warm till i get home or gives in and goes to DH.



DH is getting frustrated with sensitive boarder collies. Bula just baffles him.

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I'm sending my prayers for her to get home safe. Let me know as soon as you hear!

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she did come home last night - late around midnight. let me tell you she was on a leash all day today!


We think she has been running deer because we have a deer "house" behind our house. they love a field we don't use. I think she can see them easiser with no snow.


So working on staying close to me or only being outside to potty right now!


It was very scary! Thanks for all the thoughts, I think they really help.

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I know how relieved you must be! The two times Jackson took off, he was with my grandson, but even still it took quite awhile before I would let Jackson out of the yard even with me! Tell Bula a deer brought back would have been a nice gesture to make up for the torture you went through!


Glad all is well tonight!

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